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SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration is an innovative suite of SAP NetWeaver BPM, BRM, and PI with the enhanced capabilities of dual stack in a single Java stack. We have recently published a presentation on SCN to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the BRM space of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration.

What is New in BRM with SAP EHP1 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3 is a short walkthrough of the latest updates to the Rules Manager and Rules Composer and gives an introduction to how to use these new features to model rules effectively.

Rules Manager already got a few improvements in SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3. It includes feature enhancements, such as importing and exporting decision tables with other conditions and other actions and editing common definitions and reusable rulesets. These features improve the business user experience to manage rules. Other features such as “Diff" of ruleset entities in Rules Manager and fine-grained access control features also improve the governance of ruleset entities in Rules Manager. However, EHP1 focused mainly on reducing redundancy in Rules Manager by creating reusable definitions.

The SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.3 EHP1 update also features major improvements to Rules Composer. The 7.3 release enables you to download business rules from Rules Manager and to extract and deploy the Lean Rules Engine decentrally on a Java Virtual Machine. However, the EHP1 update also supports the integration of rules content from Rules Manager to SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.

The update also added a public API for reading and modifying decision tables. It also explains the types of literals and best practices used in rules projects and how to set rules preferences for rules to execute them during runtime. You can view this presentation here: