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In today's rapidly evolving corporate landscape, ensuring peak performance and efficiency within your business processes is cardinal. SAP's Business Process Performance Optimization service stands in the way of long waiting times and nerve-racking circling of the cursor.

At SAP’s Center of Expertise (COE) for Analytics, Planning, and Consolidation in the globally operating Adoption Service Center, our goal is to drive adoption and consumption of SAP Business Technology Platform technologies and lay the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise. We are a trusted partner for customers with MaxAttention or Premium Engagement (PE). We also engage in Professional Services, Preferred Success, and other partnerships.
In this blog, I would like to give an insight what a BPPO looks like.

Overview of Business Process Performance Optimization service

The foundation of Business Process Performance Optimization service lies in its ability to analyze in detail and enhance critical business processes, offering a comprehensive suite of features aimed at uplifting operational performance.

A key feature includes a Comprehensive Analysis that delves deep into your business processes, providing valuable insights that lead to enhanced efficiency.

This service also encompasses the Evaluation and Enhancement of potential improvement areas. Through a detailed review, it suggests technical optimizations for more efficient operations, targeting areas ripe for improvement.

Service advantages

  • Streamlined Operations: Experience optimized response times and heightened throughput across your business operations.

  • Productivity Amplification: Witness a marked increase in overall productivity through more efficient processes.

  • Resource Utilization: Maximize hardware resources, ensuring their optimal use in driving your business's core functions.

  • Elevated User Satisfaction: With enhanced processes, your end-users are more likely to experience satisfaction in their workflow.

As organizations encounter specific issues, the BPPO service team delivers targeted solutions:

  • Response Time Concerns: Addressing extended delays in specific process steps, whether standard or customer-specific to SAP.

  • Deadline Challenges: Assistance in meeting deadlines and time frames for designated processes.

  • Resource Consumption Challenges: Mitigating resource spikes during certain processes or at specific times.

  • Performance Problems: Addressing performance issues that may arise during the operation of typically well-performing transactions.

The outcomes of this service are prompt and actionable. In one week following the session, you receive a comprehensive report that encapsulates a prioritized action plan based on the analysis. Topics are summarized, issues are highlighted, and actionable recommendations are provided. This actionable plan serves as a roadmap to drive performance enhancements within your operations.

Delivery details on SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is rapidly growing. New features, approaches, optimizations are coming each quarter, challenging BI developers to keep up on all aspects. The power of a BPPO service is to get insight on fresh good practices while also applying the new knowledge on scoped dashboards. As mentioned in the previous section, our final report details our recommendations which is a starting point on optimizing end user satisfaction on performance. These steps also help to build a new mindset on implementing future dashboards as best practices are also shared during the service. And what kind of points we check? Excellent question!

Based on the requirements and current scenario, we first silo where performance issue is coming from – is it a front-end problem, or the query is running long? In either cases we go one level deeper and deeper until we identify the malicious part. Then, after researching and testing different options we suggest a solution or in rare cases, a workaround with detailed steps how to execute them.

Let me share 2 memorable cases:

  • SAC dashboard on mobile was running for 15-20 seconds. After analyzing the end user journey, we have identified the current design is not sufficient and replaced many small parts with a single chart – which provided even more than the required information. With this fix, we have managed to increase performance by almost 70%!

  • A complex dashboard with 26 charts were loading for 15 seconds. Taking the complexity, first it seemed reasonable, however it soon turned out the chart refreshing practices were neglected and the scripting was suboptimal too. After adjustments and refactoring, the loading time was at 6 seconds!

While not every BPPO service boasts such numbers, our commitment is unwavering – to make every service the best run. The final report doesn't just conclude; it paves the way for future endeavors, hinting at the promise of diverse follow-up services.

Performance has many blocks – all need to be checked to understand malfunctions

Our toolset helps us identify long running functions and queries to drilldown on suboptimal parts whether it’s on back-end side or front-end.

SAP Note 2511489 - Troubleshooting performance issues in SAP Analytics Cloud (Collective KBA) has a great recap on most important aspects for performance: “The overall performance of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is mainly determined by the three components - client time (frontend), network time and the SAP Analytics Cloud service time (backend).”

Performance checks and tuning are of course not restricted to BI only. We provide the same checks and deliverables for SAC Planning, where the focus is usually on specific design like calculations, data actions and version handling. In fact, the BPPO is a mature, proven methodology which we apply to all SAP related business processes since decades. The key is to bring in all necessary functional and technical roles from our global expert pool.


Business Process Performance Optimization service seamlessly integrates into the operational phase of your solution. Moreover, it provides substantial value during the testing phase of any implementation project, proving its adaptability and necessity across different operational scenarios.

Are you ready for faster dashboards? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Technical Quality Manager (TQM), your SAP Account, your Customer Success Partner (CSP), or our central entry channel, the Virtual Project Room (VPR).