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Building a mobile solution to enable employees to process workflows on a mobile device can accelerate processes.

An example use case  could be that a sales manager (George) approves sales orders from his mobile device. In order to make an informed decision, George would like to have a detailed set of information for each sales order.


With SAP Mobile Cards you can build such a solution in only one hour.


Design Phase:

Following the top down design approach, the next step is to clarify exactly what data George wants to see on his device. The details on what is needed to show the cards is explained in the previous blog.
In addition to rendering the sales orders, SAP Mobile Cards now allows for changes in the status of a sales order. For this to be possible, the OData service   must support the user’s  change in the status.

After the design of the card (as described in the previous blog) is completed, the developer can start implementing the function to change the status.
The developer, Bruce, opens the Actions editor for the card in the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile services. Bruce can now add actions.
An Action consists of:

  • A label which will show up in the UI

  • An actual url, which the SAP Mobile Cards app will call (this is relative to the destination for the Card)

  • Type of call (post, patch….)

  • Body for the call is optional

Bruce can add as many actions as he wants. In our use case, George requested that he can approve and reject sales orders. So, Bruce needs to create two actions.


Once Bruce has finished the development the card will be available for George right away. As George is already connected, he only needs to open the SAP Mobile Cards application and subscribe to the new card from the subscription menu.

Once the new card is on his device, George will have all the pending sales orders he needs to process on his mobile device. As the application updates  the new sales orders will show up automatically. Once George has processed a sales order, the sales order will disappear as this was the flow agreed upon between Bruce and George.



Interested in building this solution yourself in less than an hour on your SAP Cloud Platform trial account?

More information on SAP Mobile Cards can be found at:


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