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With the DSAG Academy and the Future Learning Lab, SAP Training and Adoption offers a Learning Circle Experience to develop critical new skills like Process Modeling, Digital Collaboration and Productivity. Based on topic-specific guidelines, small learning groups are formed for a joint learning journey from September to December 2022. The learning groups will be in German.

Register here now.

The learning groups, each consisting of 4 - 6 SAP customers, partners, and employees, work every week addressing the following guidelines.

What’s process modeling?

Process Modeling is an essential part of Business Process Management and brings transparency to stakeholders along the journey of a Business Process Transformation initiative.

Process Modeling is the ability to read and model existing business processes and create new ones. It enables easy coordination between business and IT departments by helping them to speak the same language. This alignment forms a sustainable basis for successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives in companies.

The Process Modeling learning path introduces modeling business processes and business rules based on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and Decision Model Notation (DMN) notation standards.

This learning path works for all experience levels; no previous knowledge is necessary.

What’s digital collaboration?

New forms of work lead to new concepts of cooperation, especially in the digital world. In order to meet the associated challenges in the working world, new competences and skills are required.

The guide for digital collaboration deals with tools, methods and strategies for collaboration, networking and knowledge dissemination in a corporate context.

This learning path works for all experience levels.

Why is productivity important?

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a self-management method that intends to enable its users to work efficiently and without any stress. Basically, it's about getting all tasks and ideas out of your head and into an adapted system. Information such as E-mails can be processed in a structured way along various steps.

The guide deals with toolset, methods (such as Daily, Weekly, Inbox-Zero) and long-term strategies.

We provide the basic learning path to get started with GTD.

What’s your investment?

Participation is free of charge - you only invest your time. The investment of time is comparable to a 5-day training course but spread over three months and therefore very effective for building new habits. Last year around 300 people registered and were enthusiastic (here is the retrospective).

More information and registration for the program and kick-off on September 12th, 2022, is available here on the landing page.

Who can attend it?

This training is open to SAP Community Members, SAP Customers & Partners, DSAG members, SAP Employees, or anyone interested in further developing their Business Process Management skills.

In summary

Have a look on the Learning Circle Experience and invest your time to bring your Business Process Management skills to the next level with a Process Modeling learning group.

For more information, please click on the whole article in the SAP Community (available in German).

Do you have any questions? Just let us know in the comments.


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