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Authors: ak47_ & vipul.khullar


Hi all, for the past couple of months me and my team are working on the SAP Event Mesh service to decouple our SAP BTP-based solution from tight integration with other SAP products/services. Through the course of our implementation of the SAP Event Mesh service, we learned quite a lot. Hence we would like to share those findings with others as well. To help other developers/customers get an understanding of various concepts involved in SAP Event Mesh service, we are starting with a series comprising of multiple technical how-to-guides. Since we are planning to publish multiple blog posts on the same topic, it’s good to have a single reference for all the content we publish.

Main Content:

SAP Event Mesh is a fully managed cloud service on the SAP Business Technology Platform that allows asynchronous communication between different systems with the help of business events. This allows greater agility and scalability when you create responsive applications that work independently and participate in event-driven business processes across your business ecosystem.

Topics that we plan to cover as part of this series are as follows:

  1. [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh - Event-Driven Architecture Explained: In this blog post we have tried to explain event-driven architecture, its use cases, and how the SAP Event Mesh service in BTP facilitates event-driven architecture.

  2. [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh – Single Tenancy & Multi-Tenancy Explained: In this blog post we have explained the concept of single tenancy and multi-tenancy and a rest Based implementation for the same. 

  3. [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh – CAP based implementation of SAP Event Mesh in a Single-Tenant Scenario ... In this blog post we have explained a scenario where we have tried to set up an event-based communication between two CAP-based microservices with the help of Event Mesh.

  4. [Blog Post] Enable SAP Cloud Integration Suite to Consume Messages from SAP Event Mesh Service | SAP...: In this blog post, we will try to achieve event-based communication by leveraging SAP Cloud Integration Suite by acting as a middleware between the two microservices, which will be useful, especially in cases where specific event handling is not desired within the 2nd microservice (communication is intended via API only).

  5. [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh – S/4HANA On-Premise integration with Event Mesh: In this post, we have explained on how to setup S4HANA for communication to SAP Event Mesh.
    Event-Based Communication from SAP S/4HANA to Event Mesh.

  6. [Blog Post] SAP Event Mesh – Consuming S4 events simultaneously in CAP-based applications and SAP In...: In this blog post, we have presented a use case where different sets of systems need to listen to the same events via different channels.

  7. Error Handling Scenarios.



This blog post is just heads-up information on what you can expect from this blog series.

We will try to keep this page up to date with all the links as and when they are available, if not please refer to the bottom space of every subsequent blog post to find the reference link for the next blog.

Let us know in the comments if you are looking for something apart from the topics already covered or if you have any suggestions/questions related to the topics we plan on covering.