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In this part 8 of 8 part blog series, I will explain, how SAP Cloud Platform, API Management can be used to securely publish APIs from 3rd Party Cloud solutions(e.g. Here Maps).Once the connection with the 3rd Party Cloud solution is established through API Provider, API Management can connect to it and make them available in a secure and documented way.

Overview of HERE Maps

Here Maps is a free GPS app which in addition to navigation and traffic, offers offline maps

Here is a fine supplement to Google Maps (which is slowly rolling out offline maps, starting with Android). Here Maps has a nice clean interface which provides easy searching.

In this blog, I will take an example of Geocoder API which is a web API that offers to geocode, reverse geocoding and landmark geocoding services. To try out these APIs navigate to

For SAP API Management, I have taken an example of my SAP Cloud Platform trial account.

Let’s get started!

Now let’s go to the SAP API Management Service. From your SAP Cloud Platform cockpit, navigate to the list of services and locate API Management Service. Click on “Access API Portal”. It is a good idea to add the SAP API Management as a bookmark to your browser now.

Click on Develop and Navigate to API Providers

Create API Provider and fill in the following details

Note that the host name and the host port correspond to the actual host and port of the system.

Since it is a cloud system hence do not select on premise check box.

Navigate to Authentication and select NOAUTH as Authentication Type.

Lastly, navigate to the Connectivity tab, and setup the catalog service as defined below (or adapt it to your environment).

Navigate to APIs and to test the new connectivity, create a new API Proxy.

Use the previously generated API Provider and give URL as shown

Enter the remaining details and save your API Proxy.

Open the API Proxy and Navigate to Resources and add “geocode.xml”. Save it.

Navigate to Test Console by clicking on Test and click on HereMap

To get App id and App code navigate to and subscribe for 90 days’ trial and go to Geocoding API documentation and generate app id and app code.

For eg

In Header append your app id and app code to the url and click on Send

Next steps

In order to allow or deny access to the API to specific client IP or IP ranges access control policy can be used. This is done in the following blog entry.

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