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I have created a tool for SAP GUI with which you can mass-copy of an R/3 user and set initial password as well as permanent password for them. You can also delete users with the tool. It can also just simply go through the specified range of users and test their permanent passwords. It is a Windows GUI application implemented in Visual Studio 2017 in VB.NET. Prerequisite for running this tool is that Microsoft.NET must be installed, version 4.5 or above is preferred.

The tool is called "COE User Manager for SAP GUI" and it is free of charge for both personal and professional use. However, it might be difficult to use it for personal scenarios without having your own R/3 system at home. :smile:

You can download it from SourceForge where I published the application:

>>> Click to download COE User Manager for SAP GUI <<<
Here is the full description:

COE User Manager for SAP GUI is a Windows application which can attach to SAP GUI and execute predefined actions automaically by instrumenting SAP GUI's scripting API. Predefined actions include copying a master user to range of users, testing passwords as well as setting the initial or permanent password for them. The tool aims to ease this kind of mass operations for system administrators typically as preparation for a volume test for the R/3 system, that are difficult to automate with other tools like eCATT. Prerequisite of this tools is Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. The downloadable ZIP contains both an installer and the standalone executable. The latter is meant for scenarios where you do not have administrative permission for the Windows system on which you want to use this tool.


And a screenshot:


You may implement similar functionalities e.g. in eCATT, but note that eCATT is unable to record and replay login, which is the key of all features of this application. If you are interested in SAP GUI scripting, you may want to read the official SAP GUI scripting API documentation: SAP GUI Scripting API Documentation


DISCLAIMER: COE User Manager for SAP GUI is provided AS IS without official support. I take no responsibilites of any kind of damages you may cause by using this tool. Nevertheless, feel free to report any issues or feature requests via the SourceForge page mentioned above. I will look into it whenever I am not in a lazy mood. :smile:

+++Update 2018.03.13+++

Version is released.

What's new:

  1. If there are more than 1 unexpected info pop-ups after logon, the tool closes them up to 10 info pop-ups. In the earlier versions it only closed the first info pop-up.


+++Update 2017.12.11+++

Version is released.

What's new:

  1. Application is now compatible with SAP GUI 7.50.


+++Update 2017.05.10+++

Version is released.

What's new:

  1. New feature added: template user to be copied can be specified separately from the master user which has permission to SU01 user and role copy..

  2. Fix when copying users: possible info pop-up after logon with master user will not break the process.

  3. Fixed compatibility issues with older SAP R/3 systems. Tested with SAP_BASIS 7.00 SP16 up to 750 SP05. The issue was that the SAP GUI control IDs are different in older R/3 systems therefore the application could not find the controls by their IDs. This is fixed now.


+++Update 2014.11.19+++

Version is released.

What's new:

  1. New feature added: mass-delete of users.

  2. Fix when testing permanent password for user: info pop-up will not break the process.

  3. Restrition added for password input: minimum 6 characters are required as per limitation of ABAP systems.

+++Update 2014.11.04+++

In order to ensure proper operation of the tool, you must enable scripting in the R/3 system too (not only in SAP GUI options). Refer to the following document:


In short, here's how you can do it:

  1. Log in to the R/3 system and start transaction RZ11

  2. Set the values of the parameters mentioned below as follows:

  • sapgui/user_scripting TRUE

  • sapgui/user_scripting_per_user FALSE (this is the default too, DO NOT SET THIS ONE TO TRUE!)



Best regards,