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For those of you who do not know, there is way to get an SAP expert to show up at your city, feed you coffee and treats and share their knowledge with you and other fellow developers in your area. And the important piece: it’s all for free.

That is an SAP CodeJam: a hands-on event, to which you bring your own laptop and your desire to learn and connect.

Taking the partnership to another level

It’s no secret I like to work with Google Cloud. That is why the announcement about SAP HANA running on the Google Cloud Platform was such good news to me. It is exciting to see two great companies combining their strengths for the greater good.

As a developer, I appreciate practical evidence of such strengths. Therefore I am happy to announce we are taking the partnership to a practical level and running CodeJams combining Google Cloud and SAP products.

We will be running SAP HANA on the Google Cloud Platform, integrating with Google BigQuery and Google IoT Core and running some advanced analytics on top of that.

Register for an event in your city

If you are near any of these cities, you may still be on time to register for an event. As I said, registration and attendance is free but seats are limited.

I am pretty sure we will be having a lot of fun. It was already a lot of fun to put together the materials we will be using.

Who are we? Well, Casey and I and anyone who wants to join, because everybody is invited.

Meet Casey

Casey West is an Architecture Advocate at Google. His career has spanned information security, application platforms, internet infrastructure, enterprise collaboration, ISPs, and design firms. Thanks to early Open Source contributions every Mac has his name and email address on it.

Your city is not on the list?

You can request an SAP CodeJam,for free too. All we will ask from you is that you provide a place were we can all sit down, connect our computers and help us find a food provider.

If you are willing to be a host for an SAP CodeJam, you can request one on this and many other topics here:

Hope you have the chance to meet us there!