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As you have seen in my previous blog for Centre Alignment for a Global Variable.

But what if the form is showing barcodes as values of the item field?

For Item Table field

Go to Palletes -> Script Editor. opt for Form: Ready, Language: FormCalc, and write below code:

var lv_length = xfa.resolveNode("data.#subform[0].#subform[1].Table1.Row1.FrontSide.FontSide.AUFNR").length

this.resolveNode("ui.#barcode").dataLength = lv_length

where, in quotes you provide node property directly from details visible in the grey line. Here we can use both AUFNR or AUFNR_BARCODE as both variables hold the same value as a field specially created for barcode.



** If you are thinking, why we have created two field one holding normal value and another barcode is because in loop, work area field is clear immediately after value output processed, hence re-using the same field again in same loop give blank value.