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You are interested in setting up SAP E-Mobility in your landscape and already have purchased a subscription.  Your Global SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) account has been already created and you simply want to add the SAP E-Mobility subscription.

This blog post focuses on scenario: charge@work and the detailed steps necessary for the initial setup of SAP E-Mobility.

For new SAP BTP account setups please review your steps before adding SAP E-Mobility.


Although the charge@home scenario with SAP Concur integration is not in scope for this blog post, it will need the simple setup as a baseline.


The connection of the charging stations to SAP E-Mobility can be found in the SAP documentation:



We assume for the initial setup of SAP E-Mobility the standard SAP Identity Provider (IDP) to be  used.

You are familiar with the SAP help portal sources for SAP E-Mobility:

you have found the SAP E-Mobility Admin Guide

and want to validate the initial setup.



When you receive the subscription for SAP E-Mobility you will be getting a 'SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) access' email.   The access email contains 1 UserID that will have access to the solution and was selected as contact partner during the store purchase.

As a first step, the UserID from the onboarding email needs to add additional user to the Global BTP account. This step can be skipped, if multiple user are already existing on the Global BTP account.



Validation Steps

  1. Onboarding additional Global Admin user to the Global BTP account.
    In the screenshot you can see the Global BTP account with the name 'My Global Account'. On the left hand side is the navigation panel and on the right hand side you perform the actions. As you can see, the subaccounts are set to 0 (non - existing).  Primary focus is to create Global account admin users before the creation of subaccounts.1.1 Select on the navigation panel (left hand side)  the menu Security --> Users
    1.2 Select on the right hand side --> Create



Once you have selected in the menu Security --> Users in the menu, the right screen will adjust and you be able to add users. Simple use the button --> Create to add the users.

It's recommended to add a backup Global Account Administrators and assign the role in the screenshot below.


2. Creation of a subaccount for SAP E-Mobility

After the second Global Admin account has been created, the next step is to create a subaccount for SAP E-Mobility.

Please consider the blogpost - SAP BTP Subaccount Technical Overview- for a more technical deep dive

On the menu path go back to Account Explorer (left hand side) and click on Create (right hand side) to create the subaccount. Another popup comes up.

Here you can give the SAP subaccount your own name in the field Display Name and Subdomain. If you plan on multiple subaccounts, you want to reflect this in your subaccount name accordingly. In the following example I use a number:

e.g. EV-Charge-1, EV-Charge-2, EV-Charge-3.

The last field that needs to be selected is the Region. As of today only EU10 is available - Europe (Frankfurt) for SAP E-Mobility.

Last step - select Create.

You can monitor the creation of the subaccount on the home screen. 'Onboarding' wheel is spinning in orange.


3. Activate Cloud Foundry runtime environment in your newly created subaccount

Go into the subaccount and push the button 'Enable Cloud Foundry'.  While you can simplify the Instance Name, please keep the suggested values for plan and the landscape before you push create.




4. Adding Entitlements

Within your subaccount, select from the left menu Entitlements and select on the right hand side Entitlements as well.  Entitlements are listed alphabetically.  Review if you already have your 3 entitlements already available:

  • SAP E-Mobility

  • Personal Data Manager

  • SAP Audit Log Viewer

In the following list all 3 entitlements are missing and have to be added. Let's get started! We will be adding SAP E-Mobility entitlement first.


Menu: Entitlements

Right hand side screen: Select 'Configure Entitlements'


Menu: Entitlements

Right hand side screen: Select 'Add Service Plan'


Add SAP E-Mobility Entitlement and select the available standard plan.  To finalize the step, select 'Add 1 Service Plan'

Please save after this step.


Repeat the steps for adding entitlements for:

  • Personal Data Manager

  • SAP Audit Log Viewer


5. Adding the subscriptions to your subaccount

In the next step you will activate the subscriptions within your subaccount. This will activate the application:

  • SAP E-Mobility

  • Personal Data Manager

  • SAP Audit Log Viewer

You are in your subaccount.

Menu: Instances and Subscriptions

Right hand side screen: Select 'Create'

Select the 3 services and set up the subscriptions. Remember, the plan was selected in the entitlements and doesn't need to be changed here.


Review within your subaccount.

Menu: Instances and Subscriptions

Right hand side screen: All of your 3 services should be showing the status 'subscribed'. If you see processing, you need to wait until you can start w/ the next step.


5. Setting up application authorization

In this step we are setting up the authorization for SAP E-Mobility application and audit log viewer.

Within your subaccount.

Menu: Role collection and choose Create.

Please create two new role collections:

audit: will provide access for the audit log viewer service

EMSP: will contain all the necessary authorization for badge operations.



Select both AuditLog_auditor roles into your role collection audit.


Updates as of 6/20/22. If your SAP E-Mobility subscription was activated before 6/20/22 you might want to replace your 'custom' role collection our can chose to keep it.

Before  6/20/22 you had to create your own role collection 'EMSP', now this is no longer necessary as an out of the box role is provided with the subscription. The new role name is SAP_CPO_BadgeManager and contains the roles

  • EmspBadgeAdmin,

  • EmspBadgeRead,

  • EmspCDRCreate,

  • EmspCDRRead,

  • EmspManager,

  • EmspRealtimeAuth

In the last step assign all of the roles to your user ID in order to access the applications. In case you are interested into deeper knowledge of the individual roles, please visit the admin guide:


Screenshot before 6/20/22


New screenshot after 6/20/22 w/ role SAP_CPO_BadgeManager


6. Finding the links to the applications

Within your subaccount.

Menu: Instances and Subscriptions

The icon after SAP E-Mobility allows you to navigate into the application.  The icon after Audit Log Viewer Service allows you to navigate into the corresponding application.


SAP E-Mobility application comes up. Please note the browser recommendation (Chrome) and the clearing the browser cache in case you ran into issues.

If you selected the Audit Log Viewer service, the application comes up and needs to be refreshed.  The filter in combination with a selection of a narrow time window make the usage of the app a bit easier and allow for easy analysis.




This step concludes the initial setup. The SAP E-Mobility subscription is activated and SAP E-Mobility application is ready for usage.  The EV charging stations can be connected via OCPP protocol and EV user can be uploaded. 



You are invited to provide feedback or thoughts in the comment section. What do you want to read about next?

Answers will be provided in the blog post.


Helpful links:

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SAP Help Portal for SAP E-Mobility

SAP E-Mobility user upload

E-Mobility, PDM and Audit Log


Thank you, team! Couldn't have done it without you. 

  • Nagesh Caparthy

  • Sebastian Wagner

  • Ulrich Scholl

  • Maren van den Berg