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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

What is the problem

During the openSAP course about the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model some participants that used the region Europe had issues to create an ABAP trial instance.

There are two options to mitigate this problem:

1. Delete your trial account and re-create it in the region US East (VA) as described in my following blog How to delete and recreate your SAP Cloud Platform Trial account
(select US East VA in step 6)

2. Perform the following steps

The most likely root cause is that of missing entitlements as pointed out by 8d8214c7f9734f45be69f95cc0d5aeee in his answer to a question in the SAP community.

8d8214c7f9734f45be69f95cc0d5aeee thank you very much for your detailed answer there.

Since the UI is not self explaining I nevertheless thought it might be helpful to provide some screen shots.

How to section

Though this should not be necessary (my colleagues are investigating the technical root cause) I would like to describe the steps mentioned by Geert together with some screen shots.

  1. Go into your trial sub-account within your cloud foundry environment. To do so first click on the following URL and
    then click on Enter your Trial Account.

  2. Now click on your subaccount trial

  3. Click on "Entitlements" in the left side menu

  4. Search for ABAP.Here you will very likely don't see any entry. And this is also the reason why you don't see the ABAP tile in the Service Marketplace of the Dev Space.(Hint:
    If you would nevertheless see an entry here but still don't see your ABAP tile, then please go ahead and delete the ABAP entry that you might see here.
    Please then be sure to Save your changes)

  5. Click Configure Entitlements  (right side of the screen on top of the table with entitlements)

  6. Click Add Service Plans

  7. In the Subaccount trial - Entitlements screen do the following

    1. Select the ABAP Environment

    2. Check the checkbox shared

    3. Click on Add 1 Service Plan

  8. !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    Do not forget to click Save (right side of the screen on top of the table with entitlements)
    !!! IMPORTANT !!!

  9. Saving the entitlements will take a while ...

  10. The result should look like follows

  11. If you now

    1. navigate back to the Services and expand it

    2. then click on Service Marketplace

    3. and then search for ABAP.You should see the following.