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Groups are a big part of SAP Jam – they’re the places where you come together with key people to get stuff done. When you use SAP Jam, you can either participate in a group someone else has set up or set one up yourself. Given just how important groups are, we always like to look at ways to improve your experience with them – so you can get things done even more efficiently.

For the latest release, our development team decided to look at exactly how groups are created – and based on customer feedback, they came up with three ways to make your life easier.

1. Get started faster with a template

When you create a new group, SAP Jam now lets you choose from six different templates designed around common reasons people need to connect:

  • Education and training
  • Help and support
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Team collaboration
  • Topics of interest

Choose one of the templates, and within seconds, SAP Jam creates a professionally designed overview page for you – including pre-configured content, forums, and folders – everything you need to get started quickly.

The benefit for you? Instead of spending time configuring a common structure that we know you’ll want anyway, you can now spend that time simply customizing the content that’s already there.

In other words, 80% of the hard work is already done for you, and you get to do the last 20% – the fun stuff. Since the designs already look polished, there’s no need for you to futz about with HTML to get it just right.

2. Use widgets to keep content fresh

Once you’ve created a group to connect with people, content will probably be the next thing on your mind. What’s the best stuff to show so people keep coming back to get work done?

Perhaps you enjoy being a content curator: coming back over and over to your group and manually poring over the files people have uploaded and the conversations that are happening so that you can highlight the best stuff.

But if that’s not your cup of tea – or you just don’t have enough time – widgets are the next best thing. Widgets are pieces of content that are automatically generated based on activity within the group.

  • The content widget highlights content that’s been featured, updated recently, viewed frequently, or liked most often
  • The people widget shows you which group members are most active, are featured, or have recently joined
  • The feed widget displays a list of content updates, forum events, and status updates

  • The forum widget can show discussions, ideas, or questions and answers

The best part is that widgets are automatically included as part of templates – so people are less likely to see static, out-of-date content that makes it seem like the activity in your group has ground to a halt.

3. Don’t activate your group until you’re ready

What’s worse than arriving too early at a party, when the host is still vacuuming? That’s right – logging in to a group that’s not quite ready for prime time – or worse, is completely empty. To stop your group members from having that awkward experience – especially if they’re execs you want to impress – you can now easily delay activating your new group until you’re completely ready.

Build your group out to your heart’s content – and then when you’re sure all the details are in place, let your members in. By default, all new groups are inactive – so once you’re ready, just click "Activate Group."