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Space Management

Accessing HDI containers

You can now access SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) containers and work with the models that reside there. For more information see SAP HANA Cloud Deployment Infrastructure (HDI) Container.

Create Time Dimensions

Information such as years, quarters, months and days enrich your models even further by providing additional time-related information. Check out Create Time Dimensions for more information.


Business Catalog

You can create new objects directly from the Business Catalog. More information: Business Catalog


You can add new primary keys or change existing ones in a table even if it contains data.

Choose to show Business Names or Technical Names. For more information, see Working with your Profile Settings.

Graphical View Builder

You can view, filter, and modify a join's or a union's mappings in the Graphical View Builder.

Modify calculated column’s expressions easily with more supported operators, predicates, and case expression. For more information, see Creating a Graphical View

SQL View Builder

You can automatically set columns with aggregation functions as measures. For more information, see Creating an SQL View


Time is essential which is why you can now deploy your models and continue working without waiting for the deployment to finish first. We'll let you know as soon as the deployment is successful.

Data Integration

Visibility of Connection Types

In the connection creation wizard, you can now see all connection types offered by SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. When hovering over a connection type that is currently not available due to missing adapter registration or Data Provisioning agent availability for example, we provide appropriate information on what needs to be done to enable connection creation. For more information, see Create a Connection for View Building and Remote Tables.