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You can use app 'Schedule Treasury Back Office Jobs' to schedule the background job to let the S/4HANA Cloud get the latest MRM market data automatically once:

  • The communication arrangement for SAP_COM_0203 is setup correctly.
  • 'Assign... Notations' apps, you also do the setup correctly.  Below is the full list of the 'Assign... Notations' apps.
  1. Assign Currency Notations
  2. Assign Interest Rate Notations
  3. Assign Credit Spread Notations
  4. Assign General Volatility Notations
  5. Assign Basis Spread Notations
  6. Assign FX Swap Rate Notations
  7. Assign Security Price Notations
  8. Assign Exchange Rate Volatility Notations
    Please refer to below blog about how to correctly maintain Instrument & Property &Data Source in these apps:
    1S4 related error messages(3) : Request Current Market Data(TBD4): Request http status 204
  • In frontend app 'Request Current Market Data(TBD4)', you could get the market rate you want.

    Steps to schedule a background job to request the current market data:

    1. Open 'Schedule Treasury Back Office Jobs'.
    2. In step 1 , select the Job Template 'Request Current Market Data'. Then click on button 'Step 2'.


3. In Step 2,  specify when you want to run the job. 


You could also define the job recurrence pattern by click on button 'Define Recurrence Pattern'.


3. After the setting is done for Step 2, click on 'Step 3', specify the parameters for your job. And click on 'Check' button to check whether or not anything is not correct maintained.


Click on 'Schedule' and you will see the new job created.


And normally the background job should have status 'Finished' which means the job run is successful.  However, sometimes the job run status is not 'Finshed'. In below screenshot example, we can see job status 'Failed' and 'User Error'.  


You need to check those job runs whose status not are 'Finished' and identify and correct the error as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might not get the latest market rates such as FX exchange rates, reference interest rates, securities prices. And this will have a huge impact to your FI postings.

Some typical error types are : 

1. User Error: 'Logon of user CB998000XXXX in client 100 failed when starting a step'

Normally, this is due to the job run user failed to logon into S/4HANA Cloud, please help check whether or not the user is locked or the password is valid or not.


2. Failed: 'An error occurred. Please create an incident on component FIN-FSCM-TRM-BF-2CL'


There are many possible root causes for this type of error. One typical error is that it's due to authorization issue. That is, the user has the authorization to run 'Schedule Treasury Back Office Jobs' and scheduled the job successfully earlier. And the daily jobs runs are also successful for many days. 

Then later on after many the successful runs of the job, one day, the authorization is mistakenly removed from the user. And the job run failed for all the days afterwords. In such case, please first check the job user's authorizations. The app 'Request Current Market Data' should be in a business role of the job user.











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