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Just a quick announcement that the newest update to PD 16.6 is now available to download.   If you are using 16.6 it is recommended to apply this update.  

Downloads are available from your SAP Launchpad at  Click on the Download box and follow the menu to SAP PowerDesigner 16.6 (Support Packages and Patches).   You can then select from 32 or 64bit depending on your existing setup.

The Download File include:

  • PowerDesigner MSI installer (which include both upgrade to French and US version) - 32bit & 64bit
  • PDWeb and Proxy upgrade setup

Users must upgrade both Proxy and Client (desktop and web) to make the connection to repository work correctly.

And if you're wondering what's been updated in this release, here's the technical details:

#779718 T3 Links are behind Free Symbol after copy

#785489 T3 Web: new LDAP user should be case insensitive in SP05

#786161 T3 symbol of predefined actor/actress looks headless in legacy report

#787760 T2 Report: Usage of graphical file fails on RTF generation

#791024 T2 Extended collection and custom form do not create a stereotyped object

#793517 T2 Rep Borwser: + tile should not be added in Diagram collection when no write perm

#794412 T3 PD 16.5.5 PL04 Single Sign-On in Port Server failed to connect to LDAP Server

#794467 T3 option 'Using a model from repository' display all models

#795009 T2 Merge swilane symbols is incorrect

#795456 T3 filter not properly taken into account in RQM view

#795504 T2 DB2MVS: PARTITION BY SIZE EVERY xxx G clause not reversed using a data source.

#795658 T2 BPM show symbol create objects

#795763 T2 Reverse of Oracle Package is incomplete

#796079 T2 SETUP PROXY FR: the UI of  Repository Proxy Configuration window is in US

#796304 T2 Hana : do not reverse technical triggers related to refernce constarints

#796382 T3 REGR Text Compare dialog has lost its scroll bar

#796495 T2 Hana : Issue with Indexes on Virtyual tables

#797407 T3 16.6 LDM to PDM crashed without any message

#797543 T2 DB2: should not generate partition name when adding a partition

#797617 T1 PD doesn't allow to add multiple LOB store as statement.

#798169 T3 PD 16.6 PL01 Reverse engineer miss HANA calculation view data source info

#798628 T4 Naming Convention Character Case glitch

#798629 T3 PD 16.6 PL01  Conversion table location cannot be changed.

#798901 T2 FR version pb in general Options dialog

#799245 T2 Exception creating a process

#799328 T2 ORA12C: Replace General Tab fails for PdPDM.Column in XEM

#799380 T2 Cannot download external file or embedded file in IE

#799559 T2 moving a symbol out  of an Arch Area should not change other

#799804 T2 REGR custom symbol for shortcut not applied properly

Enjoy the start of the summer!