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Me: Hello.  My name is Patrick... and I am an... administrator

You: Hiiii Paaaatrick

Credit: Fight Club

Yep.  I have been administering and managing stuff for over 20 years.  TWENTY YEARS...  In all type of industries, sectors and in many countries.

Several things have changed of course over the years.  For instance, no need to walk into cold server rooms to do installations from floppies / CD / DVD disks.  Not having fast and reliable internet access (if at all), never mind searching for help on Yahoo! Google, etc.

Never mind what has come and gone.  Remember the like of IBM OS/2, Netscape, the paperclip in Microsoft Office?  Gone.  Good riddance!

One thing which is true for everybody, everywhere and that hasn't changed is the quest for answers.

Credit: atomguy

There are many reports that would be so helpful to have yet unavailable for SAP BusinessObjects Administrators, the people they report to and work with that we decided to make an extensive selection and share it with the community.

These are using the metadata and data available in the platform and stretched to the limit!

Topics covered: Platform usage, User adoption, Compliance, License management, Scheduling & Publication, Quality & Performance and many more.

Some examples:

Application-centric License Analysis

Application-centric License Analysis: this report provides detailed information about deployed SAP BusinessObjects licenses from an application-centric perspective. It helps BI administrators determine how many licenses of each type are available for each application. By comparing this information to the SAP BusinessObjects contract, BI administrators can identify compliance problems and take corrective action.

Credit: 42 Crucial Reports

User-centric License Analysis

This report provides detailed information about deployed SAP BusinessObjects licenses from a user-centric perspective. It helps BI administrators determine which users can access what applications with what license type.

Credit: 42 Crucial Reports

Content Usage and Non Usage

This report lists documents, ordered by the date of last action. It allows BI administrators to determine which SAP BusinessObjects documents are used frequently, infrequently, and not at all (“no action”) so unused documents can be archived or deleted.

Credit: 42 Crucial Reports

Document Reports and Universes/BEx for Impact Analysis

Impact analysis reports identify documents that contain specific Universe objects, SQL expressions, or variables. They help BI administrators understand the impact of altering Universe objects and database objects.

Credit: 42 Crucial Reports

Platform Health

This report provides information about the distribution of activity across multiple servers. In the case of clusters (multiple servers connected together), it helps BI administrators monitor nodes, identify when action is required to ensure the equal distribution of activity (+/- 10%), and maintain platform health.

Credit: 42 Crucial Reports

I hope you find this useful.  Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions for more!

Take care.


Download Here

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