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Introduction :

The SAP  ERP  integration scenario with  SAP  SuccessFactors  Employee  Central enables  the  following processes and steps:

  • Integration of employee data between SAP ERP and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central where the employee data of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central enable ERP processes, such as travel expenses or purchase orders.

  • Integration of organizational data between SAP ERP and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to synchronize organizational information, such as the enterprise structure data or reporting lines.

  • Integration of financial data, such as cost center and cost center assignment integration between SAP ERP FI and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

  • Integration of Payment statement with SAP ERP Payroll.

Replication of Data from SF to ERP often gives some errors which sometimes doesn't support the standard SAP configuration setup, one of such error- Manager is not valid in the Period  in Organization Assignment Replication is due to the SAP Standard Configurations.

Work Around for Org Replication error –Manager is not valid in the Period

Issue description: We get this error Manager is not valid in the Period in Organization Assignment Replication

Background of the issue:

This is an error in Organization Assignment Replication for the following reasons:

  1. When the Manager assigned for an employee in the historical records of Job Information portlet gets Terminated.

  2. Employees of the Managers who have a future dated Termination record in Job Information portlet.

  3. Employees who are reporting to Contingent Managers, Contingent employees will have a Future Dated Termination Event (ECWK) and a Terminated Status which gets updated during the time of their Work Order creation.

Impact of this error:

Employees with this error in Organization Assignment Replication will not get their Organization Structure data updated from SF to SAP.

Cause of this issue:

This issue occurs when the Employees Position tries to build a Reporting Relationship with Managers Position (which is an A 002 Relationship in SAP) and when the Managers Status in Job Information portlet is found to be in Terminated Status it throws an error as “Employee 123: Manager 999 is not valid in the Period “

This error will be for the record having a Manager in Termination Status either historical record, future or when a Manager is a Contingent Employee.

How to fix this issue?

There’s a switch in Org Replication configuration in BIB (Table- V_T77S0_SFSFI_REDOA) for the Group SFSFI –OANSS which needs to be activated as below.

The Activation of this Switch will suppress the Employees’ Position to Manager’s Position Relationship in Org Assignment Replication, which is causing the error due to Terminated Status of Contingent and Historical records having Terminated Managers.

BIB Mapping as below for the Department Transformation template.

How to Replicate Manager to SAP Org Structure from SF?

There are two ways of fetching a Manager in SAP

  1. Reporting Relationship (A 002) between Employees’ Position to Manager’s Position, which we need to suppress in Org. Assignment Replication.


  1. A Department’s Chief of Org Unit (A 012) where employee belongs to will be his/her Manager, which his as below in SF.

The employees’ Manager can be still updated in SAP Org Structure through this A 012 Relationship.

The Employee should be either belong to the same Department where Manager is HOD, the employees’ Department should be the one where Manager is Head of Department.

The Employees’ Department should be updated with Parent Department as Manager’s Department.

In either case the SAP Organization Structure will get updated with Manager as in SF Org Structure and the same updated in Job Information Portlet.

Conclusion :The Org Structure updates from the  error caused in the Organization Assignment Replication  due to Terminated Status of Reporting Manager who has been assigned in Job Information Portlet can be overcome with the following solution with out affecting the update of the Manager in SAP Org Structure as in EC Org Chart.
I don't know the details of the specific data issue causing the error in your scenario, but it is often sufficient to just adjust the employee query parameters to ignore org assignment time slices where there are Terminated or Retired statuses on the job information. This is what sets the person to the default 99999999 position in SAP when they terminate in EC and should prevent the manager and/or employee not active errors from occurring. There are also a few OSS notes around that error where SAP had to fix some of the evaluation logic in the standard classes, so being on a later PA_SE_IN support pack level is important too. Did you try this approach as well?

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Thanks for sharing this Blog!
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Hello Raghavendra,

very nice article!

I can see you have also added the department’s chief position in the mapping. I am doing the same for a client but I face limitation in case of initial replication - brand new department with position have to be replicated for the first time.

The replication of the department ends up with an error as the chief position is not yet available in S/4HANA which is right.

On another side, position cannot be transferred also because it belongs to a department (a003 relationship) to tge. department which also is no yet available. Thus, an error message appears.

How do you overcome this situation which goes in a circle?

Finally, SAP states in the guide that it works for a position which is already replicated S/4 but I believe this is a regular situation in case a new org unit with a new chief position is opened in SF.

I will appreciate if we have the chance to further discuss the case.

All the best,

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Hello Relista,

Thanks for your comments.

If I understand your issue , there is a sequence missing when replicating org data.The Objects should get replicated in a sequence, perhaps you are changing all the data at once which is causing this issue.

Let Initially Department and Position Object Replicates first to SAP, then once you add assignments in SF the relationships will get added in SAP without any error.

Hope this will fix the issue.





Hi Raghavendra,

yes, exactly, you have correctly got the problem.

I guess it’s really in the right order - the chief position should not be assigned in SF until all the departments and positions are first replicated to S/4.

Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it!

Best regards,

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Many thanks Raghavendra, your workaround works very well!
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Hi Raghavendra

What happen if there is no head to department ? Will the system look for the head of the parent department?


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Hello Raghavendra,

We are facing issue with our BIB Integration from SF to S/4 HANA. In SF- EC we have few employees whose Managers belongs to different countries that are not in scope for S/4.So for those employees we are getting error that Manager position does not exist.

So i have came across below solution in the link for this issue which suggests to implement a BAdI so that we can ignore those Manager positions and replication errors will be resolved.

But can you please suggest if implementation of this BAdI will impact other modules as these Employees will not have Reporting to relationships which might require for workflow process for other modules like FICO, MM
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