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We are delighted to present our SmartBiz Intelligent Bots powered by SAP iRPA. This is the first of many and we wanted these solutions to be built on BTP / built using BTP components. Keeping the entire deployment and pricing aspects simpler was another key focus area.

The SAP iRPA ecosystem is continuously innovated and more content is added regularly by SAP enabling customers to quickly automate their operations. An opportunity opened up when SAP asked us if we could create bot content that could be put up in the iRPA bot store as partner content. We were all familiar with BOT content from SAP, this time it was an opportunity for partners to present their bots on the platform.


Bots on SAP App store for Utilities - Automation Bots

iRPA Bot Store


The 6 bots that were released on the SAP Store and the iRPA bot store looks at customer payment options and customer management related areas. These are tasks done by back-office agents multiple times in a day for most utility implementations across the world.

Leveraging Automation in the day to day activities of a utilities organization can lead to quicker turnaround time and thus helping these agents work more efficiently. With the regular usage of these bots, it can increase productivity manifold.

More bots are getting ready to be rolled out especially on the Utilities front. It is an industry which is going through lot of digital transformation. The bots are a natural progression in this journey. We had already incorporated few other bots into our industry cloud solutions like Cognitive Customer Service squarely aimed at reducing customer interaction time with agents with ML based prediction on why the customer would be calling (based on previous interaction history) and also quickly suggest next best actions.

Partners have the added ground level experience working with various customers understanding day to day problems which these bots aim to address. A special thanks to stephan.koenig and his iRPA product team as well as raik.kulinna from the IBU team who made this whole engagement possible. We had great support during the development and publishing of these bots.

Customers can buy these bots via the SAP App store as-is or request Wipro for specific customizations.

What’s Next: The next set of bots (a dozen of them – all Utilities !) are being tested as we speak and should be ready for release in a few weeks from now. While the SAP bot store has standard bots being added quite regularly, it is also unique to have partner content into this space. We strongly believe that this results in a wider choice to the end customer who can now automate at speed and take their business closer to the end customer.

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