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Here I have used the complaints component but you can do it with any order object.

Creation of component usages

So in the component BT120H_CPL I have created 2 new usages (you can use more) in the runtime repositery :

You need to name your usage starting with "CUBTCategories_" and then a letter corresponding to the catalog category you want to use, or you will have to change the code I used in the method WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE (see below).

Then I put these usages in the viewset :

You can then add the new viewareas in the configuration (but they won't work until coding and customizing is done).

Usage initialize in the component controller

I redefined the WD_USAGE_INITIALIZE method in the component controller :

You can see I used mr_cnode_binding_mgr which is the same than the one in the incident component controller :

Several methods are redefine in order to create and manage this binding manager :

You can find the added code for these methods in component controller of component SRQM_INCIDENT_H, I just copied them.

For instance :

Customizing of schemas

In order to link our shemas with the application we will use a combination of transaction type and catalog category, this entry has to be added :

Then you just assign transaction type and catalog categories :

Here you see why I put C and D in the usage names.

Then in your schema you need to use application areas corresponding to the catalog category :

Here I didn't put a description in the customizing for the parameter.

And then do the same for others schemas, using different category of catalog.

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