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This blog describes the functionalities and limitations of Universe Filters/Prompts in Visual Intelligence v1.10. The connection used here is Universe 4.x

Connect to Universe 4.x

Choose a Universe, here I have chosen E-fashion. Choose the result objects. Select a Universe level filter/prompt, here “Prompt for a line item?” has been selected, Click Acquire.

Select filter values from the list as shown below, Apply.

You get only those ‘‘Lines’’ from the Universe that were selected, here the dataset with 5 chosen ‘‘Lines’’ are displayed

Facets View :

Grid View:

This is Universe filtering.

Note: Once values for Universe filters/prompts are chosen and the dataset is acquired, one cannot add more values to the prompt by editing the source.

Let’s take a look at what happens when we try to add new filter items to the Universe Filter/Prompt

Case1: Here I am trying change filter items, so I add two items ‘‘Lines’’ “Trousers”, “Shirt Waist”

To do this, click on Data --> 'Edit Source' and select the Filter button (underlined in red in the picture below). Choose "Keep Only" and click on Close and then Click OK on the 'Edit Source' screen

An error occurs as shown below.

Case 2:

  • In my example there are 5 “Lines” set as filter values and the dataset has been acquired
  • My filter list has items “Accessories, City Trousers, Leathers, Sweaters, Overcoats”
  • I add two more items “Trousers, Shirt Waist” and remove three items “Leathers, Sweaters, Overcoats”
  • To do this, click on Data --> ’Edit Source’
  • When I acquire data, the Facets/Grid will contain data for “Accessories, City Trousers”
  • What happens is, those newly added filter items will be ignored but filter items removed from the list will be removed from the Facets/Grid and no error occurs.
  • Note that the list items that were selected initially (“Accessories, City Trousers, Leathers, Sweaters, Overcoats”) will not be displayed in Facets/Grid if removed from filter list but will still be available in the acquired dataset, we can see this when we choose Data --> ’Edit Source’ and can be used for further analysis

Will be writing more on various types of filters in SAP Visual Intelligence v1.10.

Hope this helps :smile:

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