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  • SAP Technical Upgrade is a periodic project that helps us to upgrade the SAP system to the latest released version.

  • In other words, SAP Upgrade means upgrading the software with a latest version, which has more advantages (i.e. Bugs fixed compared to previous version).

  • E.g. : Just think, this is out of topic but easy to describe the above concept easily. Android Mobile with version 9.0 upgraded to 10.0 will have same features but interfaces change at a greater look.

Upgrade Issues:

  • After upgradation from one version to another latest version, some functionalities might not work properly just like their might be some function module which are not necessary or not valid in an upgraded system , might be some transactions which are not in usage and the syntax of particular command is changed & also their might be some issues related to data model changes and many more.

  • So, ABAP correction is needed to make these functionalities work as in Older version or system.

  • During an upgrade, existing SAP standard objects are overwritten. Customer can retain the modified objects as in older system or adapt to new changes through transaction SPDD, SPAU and SPAU_ENH.

  • Hence , it is very much necessary to carry out SPDD , SPAU and SPAU_ENH activities.

Types of Upgrades:

Upgrade projects have been divided as below :

  1. Release Upgrade

  2. Enhancement Packages – EHP Upgrade

  3. Support pack updates – SP upgrade

  4. Database Migration – From different database to HDB

  5. SAP S/4HANA – Conversion


System Preparation -> SPDD Phase -> Upgrade of the system -> SPAU/SPAU_ENH Phase

Object Modes & its Meaning :

All the objects present under transaction SPDD,SPAU & SPAU_ENH will have certain traffic lights or object modes associated to it.

    • Grey  Light              –      Obsolete

    • Yellow Light            –      Semi Automatic Adjustment

    • Green Light            –       Automatic Adjustment

    • Red Light                –      Manual Adjustment

    • Green Tick Mark     –     Completely Adjusted

Transaction SPDD:

When upgrading the SAP system , one of the initial steps that needs to be completed is SPDD. This will allow you to adjust modifications to ABAP Dictionary Objects during an upgrade.

There are 4 categories in SPDD : a) SAP Notes b) With Assistant c) Without Assistant d) Deletions

Note : SPDD will be carried out in shadow instance.

To know more about shadow system , please refer the below blog ;

Transaction SPAU:

This process starts after completion of SPDD phase and is used to adjust repository objects like programs, screens, functions, classes, etc.

There are 5 categories in SPAU : a) SAP Notes b) With Assistant c) Without Assistant d) Deletions e) Translations

Note : Unlike SPDD , this can be carried out in the normal client .

Transaction SPAU_ENH:

This is used to adjust custom enhancements.

Key Points:

The keys aspects to take the action depends on two scenarios .

  • RESET : If the customer modifications does not exist in the object and the changes are same w.r.t latest customer TR and the latest upgrade TR , then we can do reset to original.

  • ADJUST : If the object contains any customer changes & the changes are not same w.r.t latest customer TR and the latest upgrade TR , then we need to perform adjust modification.

Ground Rules to be Followed : 

In any game , we will be having the set of rules to make sure the game is interesting & also to avoid any confusion in later part of the game , similarly in any upgrade project - we do have a set of rules to be followed w.r.t the categories of the object , that needs to be completed first for smooth process. So, SAP Notes and With Assistant has to be carried out first , at least SAP Notes has to be completed first - so that their is no dependency w.r.t SAP Notes and later even if we shuffle with other categories we don't face any issues.


  • Since , SAP upgrade project(Technical or Functional) is very crucial and its important to make sure all the tasks are completed with no mistakes.

  • As the world is moving from SAP (ECC) ERP to SAP S/4HANA we would get many migration projects and this is the initial step to be carried out in any migration projects.

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