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  1. Create a user Trexadmin in CRM client and assign the role SAP_BC_TREX_ADMIN to this user  as per the sap note 766516

  2. Check the following services are running


3.   Select Trex Administrationoption in the above screen


4.  You can confirm the running services in the below screen through TREX administration tool

Landscape -> Services


5.  Go to Landscape -> RFC

6.  Select Connection (highlighted in green color) button


Click ok

7.  Select RFC Destination (Sm59) button




Save the RFC destination

8.   Now select the connection tool button in below screen


  9.  The connection is ok.  Ok is green

10. If you find any warning signal then select Repair All button. Warning is in Yellow.


11. When it is in warning click the Repair All button

12. Select   the connection to check if it all green as shown in the below screen.


13. RFC destination in the ABAP CRM system


14. The program ID will be generated in random by the TREX application

15. Login into the CRM system

16. Transaction Trexadmin


17. Enter TREX_DCM as the connection to RFC server

18. Execute

19. TREX Administration Screen

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