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I’m writing this blog post to share my experience on a specific development task on Translate Fiori  Launchpad Tiles from English to Japanese on the ABAP stack

Before we can start with the translation, first we need to know which tile we are going translate. Then login into the Configuration/Fiori Launchpad Designer and search for the catalog of our tile





In this document I will translate the text of the “Purchase Requisition” tile to Japanese.

Important for the translation is the id of the catalog with is located in the left upper corner (highlighted by Red Color).

In our example this is “ID: X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:ZCGI_PR




  • Most of the translations within the ABAP stack can be done in transaction SE63.


  • In the top menu we choose Translation -> ABAP Objects -> Short Text or shortly press CTRL-F2.

This will open a screen where we can select the type of object we want to translate.


In our case,

  • We need the object type TABL Tables (Meta) which can be found below 00 Meta Object in Net Weaver stack 7.40 or Higher.

Before Net Weaver 7.40, you will find this object below A6 Table Entries.


  • Just double click on “TABL Table (Meta)”. Its open below screen shot screen


Object Name: “WDY_CONF_USERT2 “and Source Language and Target Language as per the requirement.



  • Click on “Edit”

  • Click on “Configuration ID” value help. Its open below screen shot

  • Here find the configuration id using Description ID( as per Point 1) and select correct configuration id



  • Click on “Execute”

Here give the corresponding Japanese desertion (highlighted by red color) and click on “Save”


  • Finally Clear Cache under SE38




  • Finally while login into FLP using Japanese language. You will get Japanese language description on Tile.



Hope this is helpful All !!!


Vijay Kalluri
Thanks for the example, where in these steps do I generate a transport request with the changes?
Active Contributor
Hi Lourens,

Good day and sorry for the late reply.

PFB Steps to move translated test from DEV --> Other Systems.

  1. after translation done as per above blog. Go to table (WDY_CONF_USERT2) under SE11 and provide input information which you want to add under Transport Request(TR) for example I given Configuration ID and Language as "FR"

2. execute and select all object. Table Entry-> Transport Entries


Best Regards

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This worked great. Thanks!
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