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We are on the verge of gigantic changes in the field of AI. The chatbots developed recently, are just a tip of an iceberg. There is a lot more undiscovered part left, which will drastically change consumer-workplace communications.

While current bots are giving the existing use cases a new dimension, the upcoming step that derives from the existing will be a complete innovation. The sooner you get comfortable with it, the better you will be prepared to implement these changes professionally. Henceforth you will be able to make better impact on your business as well as customers in terms of adopting new technologies.

In any organization, business user faces multiple challenge like :-

  • Real time and on demand help

  • Panic to access multiple SAP and SAP integrated systems

  • Unnecessary manual data entries

  • Delay in data availability

  • Human errors while transacting

TISA is founding block of the Information age, it is a key component of TCS’ Intelligent Enterprise powered by MFDMTM framework, which is driven by Artificial intelligence (AI).. It empowers touch-less enterprise operations as well as solutions. It connects all the stakeholders with systems, people and things through intelligent conversations. TISA is IP based platform agnostic solution, built on SAP conversational AI, SAP earlier acquired (Renamed now as ‘SAP Conversational AI’). It uses natural language processing and enables SAP to include conversational intelligence into their solutions.

TISA gives simple yet personalized interface user experience, enabling workforce to focus on innovation for business to grow and transform.

Key features & benefits

  • Round the clock availability

  • Eliminates human workforce for L1/L1.5 support in addition to optimizing L2 workforce.

  • Move away with costly mobile application solution

  • Reduce development cycle

  • Minimizes subjective/individual/human errors

  • Platform agnostic and Enterprise compatible

  • Industry Standard Authentication, Simplified Administration & Analytics, Data Retention & Log for Audit Compliance


TCS innovation lab has setup various use cases for customers to experience its varied functionalities, below listed are the glimpses of those use cases.


Knowledge based queries:

TISA provides solutions to the problem statements that includes knowledge-based queries like “How to”, frequently asked questions, etc. This category falls under the information retrieval based queries, which does not require system integration. Responses can have plain text, hyperlink or attachment.

Pull Requests:

TISA is able to connect with SAP and pulls data by simple conversation, which helps user to get required information quickly. This category falls under the information retrieval based queries, which integrates with the system.

Push/Post Requests:

TISA is able to perform seamless activities where it connects to SAP with required authentication and posts data in SAP by simple conversation with required validations. It is also possible to connect multiple SAP systems on single bot platform. This category falls under the information addition based queries, which integrates with the system and makes required changes in the system.


Few examples out of many:

Also, find below some of the preview screen shot of TISA from TCS lab.


This is just the start of new enterprise era that will be intelligent, there is plenty more to come. So what are you waiting for, enter the world of innovations and re-imagine your business process to add value for business growth.
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Is this is the same as "CO-PILOT" just with a different name, or do SAP have two different teams working full time on different solutions to the exact same problem?

I reckon it is the second one - CO-PILOT was developed in house, TISA comes from the acquired company.

Moreover, based on my experience with SAP I would not be shocked if there was a third team in Walldorf, unknown to both the CO-PILOT team and the TISA team, also working on a digital assistant project.

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TISA is a part of TCS’ Intelligent Enterprise powered by MFDMTM (Machine First Delivery Model). TISA is IP based solution, built by TCS team to give business user power of AI & help them to do business transaction with natural conversation.

TISA can able to connect not only SAP systems but Non-SAP systems ( ITSM, DMS etc. ) as well. Ideally, any system that have APIs available to consume publicly, it can be integrated to TISA and use case can be implemented accordingly.

TISA will handle IT operations touch-less and by doing so will free up resources to focus on business innovation. It will create “X layer” (Experience) over “O layer” (System of Record) for business & IT operations.
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So this is not an SAP product but a third party product which is in competition with SAP.

That also means the blog post is not a blog post as such, but a sales pitch / advert, and thus the SAP Community website is probably not the best place for it. We have enough difficulty stopping SAP marketing publishing sales pitches disguised as blogs, the last thing we need is the whole SAP ecosystem doing so as well...
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