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Dear SAP Community, it's Christmas time and so it's time again for a Christmas special blog ๐ŸŽ„

Finding a theme was really easy this year. I took part in the ABAPConf 2022 with a presentation on "ABAP and time". In the run-up there were assumptions about what I could tell. With his almost legendary sense of humor (please check the title of his ABAPConf 2022 contribution), dpanzer guessed the idea of an "ABAP time machine".

Ok, it wasn't a time machine written in ABAP, but thankfully I recycled his idea for this blog. Curtain up for our journey through time together. Here's a picture to get you started.

"I really like this picture. Maybe one of the best typical time travel imaginations. A tunnel in space and time and something is flying through - alarm clocks. Homage to Alice in Wonderland?"

Anyone can take part in this journey. How does the time travel work? Everyone writes a comment to this blog and answers the following questions:

  1. To which point in our rich ABAP history would you travel back with a time machine?

  2. Why would you travel at this point in time?

  3. Would you change something in connection with ABAP?

There are many reasons to travel back in time to an important point in the history of ABAP. Your comment can be funny or it can be a professional or technologically serious topic (who wants to prevent BINARY SEARCH or design it differently ๐Ÿ˜‰). Ok, let's have fun...


Greetings, thank you for your comment and stay healthy

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