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Hello All,

Trust you all are doing good and healthy!!

In this blog post I have explained the steps for enabling the table columns in Attribute View/Analytic View. In some of the previous HANA Studio versions it has been noticed that while creating Attribute views in Modeler perspective, table columns are not visible.

1)Install SAP HANA Studio 2.0 Latest patch(E.g. 2.3.55) available on

Image Source: Installations under

Refer to below blog post for download and installing SAP HANA Studio from SAP Support Portal

**Below screenshots are created by me and is used in this blog post for understanding purpose

2) Download and install the latest version of Eclipse IDE

Select the Eclipse Workspace

3) Download the SAP HANA Tools. Open HANA Studio navigate to Help>Install New Software

4) Enter the URL in the section Work with:

5) Click Next and follow the instructions to complete the installation. Restart HANA studio when installation of software is completed.


Table Columns should now be visible in Attribute View.

Source : Table structure and DDL shown in above image  as per Northwind SQL Server sample database. Please refer below article

If Columns are still not visible then try switching to a new HANA Studio Workspace. Once you change the Workspace it will automatically install the SAP HANA tools in your workspace.

So to summarize, some of the previous HANA studio versions does not show the table columns. By installing Eclipse IDE and SAP HANA tools you can enable the columns in Attribute/Analytic View.

Installation of SAP HANA tools will also make sure that you can explore different perspective in HANA Studio.You can confirm this by navigating to Go to Window> Perspective>Open Perspective>Other. Apart from SAP Modeler and SAP HANA development perspective you will be able to see below ones


If you have questions or comments with reference to this blog post then please feel free to post your questions/comments on SAP HANA Community



Arun Sasi
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