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You have received an email from SAP about License Audit and must perform this audit in your SAP systems. You want to use Solution Manager 7.2 as the Central LAW System for Measurement Systems

Preparation. Intro.

Preparation for the audit should begin long before an e-mail from SAP

This preparation includes a clear naming rule for users (the same users have the same user names in SAP Landscape) Clear user classification (create user - сlassify it) and so on.

Preparation. Steps.

Step 1. User classification (Measurement Systems)

Transaction - USMM

Transaction - SU01 or SU10

Review your license agreement and activate corresponding user types in transaction USMM.

For example SAP Professional User, SAP Worker User, etc

Look at SAP User types described here:

and  classified  users accordingly this document in transactions SU01 or SU10

Step 2. Client separation (Measurement Systems)

Transaction - USMM

Clients section.

Common rules - Exclude Client 000 from System Measurement

Step 3. RFC Settings (Solution Manager, Measurement Systems)

Step 3.1. Users creation

Transaction - SU01

Create in Measurement Systems communication users with role SAP_BC_LAW_COMMUNICATION

Step 3.2. RFC creation

Transaction - SM59 - RFC Destinations

Create a communication channel from Solution Manager to Measurement Systems with users credentials from Step 3.1

Step 4. Service activation (Solution Manager)

Transaction - SICF - HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance

Tree path - default_host > sap > bc > webdynpro > sap


Check also:








Step 5. Intervals dataset (Solution Manager, optional step)

Transaction - SNRO - Number Range Objects




Possible error without this step - "Interval 01 does not exist for object"

Step 6. IGS Check-up (Solution Manager, optional step)

Transaction - SIGS - IGS Administration

Chek-up Internet Graphics Service (IGS), the result must be:

Step 7. ADS (Solution Manager, optional step)

Step 7.1. Connection to ADS

Transaction - SM59 - RFC Destinations

Create RFC connection (Type G) from Solution Manager to ADS

Step 7.2. ADS Check-up

Transaction - SE38 - ABAP Editor

Perform Report FP_TEST_00 to ADS Check-up

Step 8. Master Data in SLAW2 (Solution Manager)

Transaction - SLAW2 - LAW 2.0 - License Administration Workbench

Select in menu Edit Master Data

Click New and provide System details:

SAP System ID - SID

Inst.Number - Installation Number from (NW-System-Status...-Installation Number)

Select LAW System and click Change

In Destination  provide RFC-Destination from Step 3

Step 9. Manage Results in SLAW2 (Solution Manager, Measurement Systems)

[1] - Switch Function mode

[2] - Import measurement result via RFC or

[3] - Upload it manually

if you choose [2] you can perform the next substeps:

1. Goto Measurement System

2. Transaction USMM2 - System measurement

3. Perform Measurement:

  1. Result Transfer:      Save LAW file (XML format) Locally

5. Upload XML file to SLAW2 in Solution Manager

Step 10. Combine Users in SLAW2 (Solution Manager)

Group Users (for example by User Name)

Step 11. Consolidate Users in SLAW2 (Solution Manager)

Start Consolidation

Step 12. Profitability Analysis in SLAW2 (Solution Manager)

Examine users by types

Step 13. Result Transfer in SLAW2 (Solution Manager)

Save Result Locally - Summary in Technical XML format

Display PDF Log - Summary in Human Readable format (Step 7 is mandatory for this Log)



"Include all productive clients in the measurement" even though all production clients are included


2866374 - USMM2: Error message during measurement start - production client not included

Also, a lot of problem resolution described in Note #2695241

2695241 - Web Dynpro application error and dump in transaction USMM, USMM2, SLAW2 or SLAT


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided

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