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SAP Master Data Governance is a powerful solution to improve the quality and consistency of information across organizations by consolidating and centrally governing master data. Syniti Rapid Data Governance (RDG) is a SAP Certified accelerator that automates multiple MDG tasks such as Data Model Maintenance, Workflow Design and Business Rules in an intuitive, elegant, and graphical interface so that even users with no technical experience can use it. 

When performing tasks to create master data certain follow-up tasks may be required to enrich, validate and approve the data after initial creation in the system prior to consumption. As a requirement, one or more sequential Change Requests (CR) to execute these workflows may need to automatically created to complete the end-to-end business processes under governance. As an example, a customer can be onboarded in an initial request and assessed or validated by a legal team prior to updating their Partner Profiles in another automated request.

RDG simplifies the automatic creation of follow-up CRs, incorporating additional and subsequent workflows required to complete a series end-to-end business tasks, following the activation of an initiating CR. RDG eliminates accelerates the implementation of Follow-up CRs without the need for any technical coding.

The following steps to configure a Follow-Up CR to an initiating CR:

Step 1:  Create an initiating and follow-up CRs in RDG with the respective approvers and workflows

Step 2:  Edit the initiating CR workflow to add the Follow-up CR in the Activate: 91 step

a.  Select the Connection String icon and choose Follow Up CR

Follow-Up CR01.JPG

b.  In the Select Approver pop-up, enter/select the following and select Save:

i.   Enter Approver Description

ii.  Select Single Object radio button

iii. Select available CR Type (CR Type 2) to be used as a Follow-up CR Type

iv.  Select Save to save the CR as a draft

Follow-Up CR02.JPG

   v.  Save the draft CR and enter Transport Request and Package to be assigned to it

c.  The resulting workflow will display the initiating and follow-up CRs

Follow-Up CR03.JPG

Execution of the initiating CR that is linked to the Follow-Up CR:

Step 1:  Execute and activate the initiating CR in MDG via Fiori or NWBC to automatically create the Follow-Up CR

Step 2:  Find Follow-Up CR by navigating to My Change Requests in the left Navigation pane in MDG and display CRs

Follow-Up CR04.JPG

a.  Initiating CR with corresponding Follow-up CR is displayed

Follow-Up CR05.JPG

Step 3:  Click the hyperlink for the Follow-up CR to process it

Follow-Up CR06.JPG

b.  The CR Header will display the initiating CR number as a reference

c.  The CR Description will reflect that it is Follow-up CR of an initiating CR

Follow-Up CR07.JPG

d.  Approve and activate the Follow-up CR as was done for the initiating CR, after which a confirmation status of Final Check Approved will be displayed

Follow-Up CR08.JPG

Syniti RDG is available on SAP store.  Please also check out more details about the product from the blog about Partner Add-on Solutions

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