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In this blog post we will learn how to create space and pages on Fiori Launchpad.


What is Space and Pages

Provides structured way to display the apps in Fiori launchpad and ease to end user for accessing the apps, which is available from S4 HANA 2020 and onward ON-PREMISE environment.


Prerequisite for Space and Pages

User must have access of below:

  1. PFCG - TCode

  2. /n/ui2/FLP - TCode

  3. Fiori app - Manage Launchpad Space (F4834)

  4. Fiori app - Manage Launchpad Page (F4512)


There are 4 main parts for space and pages

  1. Space - Space has navigation items, a space holds the multiple pages.

  2. Pages - Pages has the single or multiple sections.

  3. Sections - Section is the Subareas in the Pages, Section has single or multiple Tiles.

  4. Tiles - A tile represents that an app on the SAP Fiori launchpad.


The following diagram shows this with an example for the space “Accounts Payable”.

Space and Pages Overview



Activate the Space and Pages in Fiori Launchpad


  1. Go to User's Icon and Click on Setting Button.


2.Click on Space and Pages --> check both checkbox (Use Spaces, Show My Home) -->Save.


Now we can see the Space and Pages in Fiori Launchpad:



Steps to Create Space and Pages

Step 1: Go to SAP Logon and enter the TCode - /n/ui2/FLP (Fiori Launchpad) and Press Enter


Now It will navigate to the Fiori Launchpad.



Step 2: Launch the Fiori app - 'Manage Launchpad Spaces'.


Click on the Create Button.



Step 3: Fill the required details in Popup and Select Also Create a Page Option  and click on Create Button. This will create a New Page in this space.

Note: If page is already created, not need to select the Also Create a Page option.

Please follow the standard naming convention for Space and page name,

i.e. Space Name: <Z/Y + Functional Area +SP+ Text>

Page Name: <Z/Y + Functional Area + PG + TEXT>.


Navigate to the the Page.

If Page visibility is Hidden, select the row and click on the Set Visible.

Now the Page Visibility status will be Visible.


Step 4: Click on Page and select the Page (Row)


Click on Edit Button


Give the Section Name in Section Title, If  you want to add more section then click on the Add Section.



Step 5: Add catalogs from which app needs to be assigned, search the catalog and select.



Step 6: Assign the app to the section and Page.


Click on Save Button and Save the changes.



Step 7: If space exist, and need to create new page, we can use the fiori app - Manage Launchpad Pages


Click on Create Button


Fill the required details and create. Follow step 5 and 6.


Step 8: Add new page into existing Space

Go to the Fiori app - Manage Launchpad Space --> Select Space --> Click on Edit


Search the Page and assign to the Space and save the data.



Step 9: Once the Space and Pages are created successfully. Next step is to assign the Role.

Go to TCode - PFCG in SAP Logon and Follow the below:


Assign the Space to Role.



Assign the Catalog to the Role.


Space and Catalogs are assigned to the Role.



Step 10: Assign this Role to the User.

Go to the User --> Give the User ID and Save the changes.


Space and pages created Successfully.

assign the custom space to the role in the Launchpad Content Manager – GUI transaction /UI2/FLPCM_CUST – or in the Role Maintenance transaction PFCG

Go to the Launchpad Content Manager – Client Specific (/n/ui2/FLPCM_CUST) --> Role section --> select your Role --> Click at Show Spaces

How to add space in Role --> Click on Add space -->Give the Space ID

Go to Fiori launchpad or click on Open in App Manage Launchpad Spaces. 

In Space section go to the Role Assignment section, check here the assignment.






The biggest advantage of using Spaces and Pages is Performance.


If you are interested in a new and comprehensive overview of Fiori, then have a look at the SAP UI5 Documentation.


With this we come to an end of this blog. Hope you find it useful.


Keep learning & Keep Sharing!!













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