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Since quite a few years now I am working with so many customers on proposals related to SAP Data Archiving. One important question which almost every customer asks is "What are the other benefits of Data Archiving except space reduction or database size reduction?"

To this, my one-line answer is that SAP Data Archiving opens up a road for you to embark upon your journey to S/4HANA. It will iron-out the creases associated with data migration and transformation. Let me explain how:

SAP Data Archiving

  • Performance Improvement: The more the data in the tables, the more stress on system performance. May it be inserting the data in the database or reading from it. And if this situation continues, the productivity and user satisfaction goes down. This is an unwanted situation. Data Archiving ensures that only the frequently needed data is available in database for faster access and thereby improving and optimizing the day-to-day operations which will have domino effect in improving the User Experience.


  • Ease of Data Migration: More data brings more complexities; less data means less hassles. Simple. When you are going for S/4HANA Transformation it is always advisable to move to a new system with less, relevant and manageable data.


  • Data Backup: It has been observed that Data Backups take extensively longer time for a system having huge database size. This situation gets averted by keeping only the minimum required data in the live system.


  • Storage Cost Reduction: Archiving the data on a decent Archive Server will ensure a very good data compression ratio. This will result in reduction in storage costs and the saved resources can be diverted to more productive usage. This is much more important when you are moving from On-prem to Cloud.


  • Legal Compliance: Data Retention enforcement will help achieve legal compliance (DART, SOX, GDPR, etc.). It ensures that relevant data is retained, and historical data is removed and stored safely in Archive Server.

Thus, it is evident that behind a successful S/4HANA Transformation Engagement, SAP Data Archiving plays an important role. The benefits of it are far-fetched.

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