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I started Virtual TechEd today with RDP 264  "Get to Know the Real-Time Analytics Platform with SAP HANA Live" session.  You can watch the lecture here.

For a background on Virtual TechEd see SAP TechEd 2010 ain’t over yet! by fred.verheul

The first exercise has us looking at the HANA Live tables using the HANA Live Browser.  Many of you will find these screens familiar, as we use similar things in the backend of ECC

The above shows the definition of the SalesOrderHeader - similar to the SE11 transaction. HANA Live browser calls it opening the definition.

Above is similar to SE16 or SE16N in ECC - HANA Live browser calls it "open content".

Next, as shown above, we use the "open cross reference button" in HANA Live - this is similar to the "where used" button on many screens in ECC, such as SE11.

Next we can browse the model as shown above, similar to the SD11 Data Modeler transaction in ECC as shown above.

We can then use SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office to consume the content, which is later in the exercises.

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