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This Document displays the method provided by SAP to enhance the SBWP

SBWP has an option to have custom field added in the layout, as illustrated in the screenshot below, SAP has provided option to add up to six fields in the Workflow View. In the screen shot below Workflow view is selected and last two columns are dynamically created, Value is being fetched from the Workitem assigned to the user.

Configuring Dynamic Columns for Business Workplace

SWL1 transaction is used to customize SBWP.

Following Steps are performed to have Dynamic fields in the SBWP:

By clicking on New Entry Button we can add new entry

Specify the username and the task number of the display activity and press enter. If this task is applicable for all then we can put Username = *

Container of the task comes up as dropdown. Selecting the Container element for Move-out Date and specifying a header for the same. Also Select the Container element for Business Partner and specify the header for this. Save the entries. We can specify up to six dynamic columns for a single task.

Testing after configuration

We will select SBWP -> Inbox -> Workflow and update the display of the work item. There won’t be any change in the work item display.

Post this we will have to Change the Layout.


‘Move out date’ and ‘Partner’ is added to the Column Set after the SWL1 transaction completed successfully.

Now move these ‘Move out date’ and ‘Partner’ columns to Displayed Columns and remove the already added one having ‘Dynamic Columns’ as header.

Saving the layout for future use is illustrated in the screenshot below

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very useful information.....

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Very well documented information

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Very helpful and well documented.

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Cheers ...good one !!!

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Very useful document. Thanks Chirayu.

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Thanks chirayu.vyas3

Nice Doc., it will be great if you can share your views on the following query as well,

I want to customize the Approve / Reject button that we are getting in our SBWP inbox, is there any quick way for that too ?

Thanking You All..!!

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Hi Chirayu,

I have a requirement to change the title of the work item. How to do that?

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Thank you!
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