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Hello Readers!

This is my very first blog post on this forum. I hope that it will be useful for you.


During recent changes (SAP S/4 HANA 1709 onward) SAP has moved the Bank Account Management (BAM) to Fiori Application known as 'Manage Bank Accounts'. SAP has provided step by step configuration guide for Cash Management which covers the basic configurations and to trigger the standard WF associated with it.

The purpose of writing this blog is to give you end to end exposure on how to customize the Bank Account Workflow (WF).


  • Manage Bank Accounts fiori App should be configured in your catalog. Fiori App ID: F1366A

  • Business function 'FIN_FSCM_CLM' must be active. You can use t-code SFW5 to check it.

  • You have basic knowledge of workflow concepts (SWDD, BOR, Event Linkage etc).

  • Customized WF template (ID) should be ready as per your business needs.

Things to be taken care while creating customized WF template:

  • You should use event CREATED of BOR FCLM_CR in your workflow. This is the event which gets triggered as soon as you click on Submit for Approval button on fiori Application (Manage Bank Account).

  • You can create a subtype of FCLM_CR - say ZFCLM_CR using t-code SWO1 - this will help you to create your own custom methods where you can write your customized code as per the flow.

Steps for configuration:

  1. Once you have activated FIN_FSCM_CLM (Caution: if this component is not active then you will not be able to see this path) component using SFW5 t-code go to SPRO on this path: Financial Supply Chain Management -> Cash and Liquidity Management -> Bank Account Management -> Basic Settings

  2. On the above path you need to configure below things:

  3. Define number range for change requests: This is a mandatory step. This number range will be used when you submit your request of creating/changing/deleting etc for your bank account.

  4. Define Number Ranges for Bank Account Technical IDs: This must be maintained, and this will be used as internal technical id for your bank account number. It will be used as part of primary keys in several tables related to BAM.

  5. Assign Number Ranges: Here the above number ranges will be assigned to each other. This will be one to one mapping.

  6. Define Settings for Bank Account Master Data: Here you can define/customize multiple things like type of bank accounts, sensitive fields (Change/Modify WF will only be triggered only if user changes any sensitive fields) etc. You should consult with business or your functional for the details to be added here.

  7. Let’s move to next step where we have to perform important configuration i.e. maintaining event linkage for WF. Below is the path and highlighted option.

  8. By default, for event CREATED of BOR FCLM_CR two standard workflow are configured i.e. WS74300043 and WS78500050. If you wish to use the standard flow then make sure these are activated. If not, you can activate them.

  9. If you want customized WF to be triggered, then de-activate the above WFs and create a new entry here with customized template id as shown below: Tick on second last checkbox shows that customized template has been linked with standard event.


Now you are all set to trigger your first workflow for BAM using fiori app.

Testing steps:

  1. Open Manage Bank fiori App:

  2. Click on the create new bank account option.

  3. Fill in the required details and click on Submit Workflow button presents at bottom.

  4. A new change request will be generated using the number range which we have defined in earlier steps.

  5. Now go and check SWIA t-code, voila! Your customized WF triggered.


Technical Details which might save your time in exploring them:

  • The master table for account number is FCLM_BAM_AMD.

  • There are other important tables are available like FCLM_BAM_AMD_T for text of bank account, FCLM_BAM_LIM for overdraft limits and so on.

  • Change requests will be stored in table FCLM_BAM_REQ and the linkage between request number and account number gets stored in table FCLM_BAM_REQACNT.

  • You can explore all the tables starting from FCLM_BAM*

  • Similarly, there are various function modules provided by SAP to do various operations where you can modify bank account number (FCLM_BAM_AMD_MODIFY_MULTI_CD), delete (FCLM_BAM_DELETE_ACCOUNT) it etc.

  • You can explore more FMs using FCLM_BAM*




I tried to include all the necessary details for working model. Share your thoughts/questions in comment sections.


Happy Learning!

Virendra Kedia
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