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     Here I will try to give a explanation on what, how to generate the SAP Users license Usage during the year-cycle. Here I will try to demonstrate via a Single Development & Production System to do the job. Hope this document makes the newbie a lot more easier because I have spoken with a lot people who fear if something happens & SAPLabs ask for a Fine/Charges if not followed the correct procedure. So here is my document for the person who are newer & fearful in this matter.

Note: Java & Portal applications can not be measured through LAW Tool.

So, we will Login to development system 1st through GUI & generate report & we will combine later on that in production system & send it through the production system system as we are not using any SOLMAN System for that. Basically you can collate the reports in SOLMAN or any ABAP system, does not have to be the Central or Satellite System here.

1st we will login to ABAP development system, through GUI.

Login to Development SAP using the active-client which is set to send the reports of the Users, will show where it is configured also later on.

Enter t-code USMM as show in the below pic.

Observe the scenarios here.

Here Date shows when the last system measurement ran. Data not Released means it is saying the report(License Audit) which was generated or combined was not sent to SAP till now.

Also we have to maintain the development system marked in t-code SCC4 as follows:-

Here C Customizing means it can be used as the development system. Now in USMM->

This is where it is showing like that as we are giving to SAPLabs that our developments are happening in .... client only & hence the license report goes for development history of ... client.



Here are the kind of users that license report we sending to SAP according to how we are entitle/licensed to use these kind of users License only. According to the license Strength :-

Now in User classification area of the above screenshot:-




Here only ABAP user id is converted in to developer  user id & the rest as Test as we are going to combine this result with the PROD system. Go back again then,



Now Press the System measurement Button here.


Now in here(Measurement Statistics), it shows the measurement task progress state.


After it is completed here, say after 10-20 minutes, execute as below,




Here press the execute button as shown below & save the License Audit file of this Development System as LicenseSID.txt in your preferred location, generally is goes in your My Documents-> SAP -> SAP GUI -> as that is the temporary location of your SAP document saves.



To get the License report on how it will reflect, you can have a preview by generating the License PDF file as below by clicking on the Log Button as shown below




Now we can go for Prod1 login as we are sending through the SAP Central Instance Installation prod1 or the production system if it is a Central Installation for the Prod server SAP.



In USMM-> In User Classification- We have to compare the licensed user list numbers with the list of End User license Agreement license nos. & need to manage & manipulate if required

Then in USMM-> System Measurement-> Once completed in Measurement Statistics or say this WorkBench User Classification is coming or need to see manually if any inconsistency of any no of users are coming then need to swap the user license type with some other less used SAP User Ids but always maintain the no & type of license of SAP Users provided by SAP. And then again run the System measurement to see this area is fine till  now.



Basically here the top hit or multiple login users hit in total showing should not in total the amount mentioned by SAP at times of purchase of License Agreement or can ask any time SAPLabs for that also. If the total amount here crosses then SAP will ask for Fine/charges.


In my case, top multiple login hits are as below,



After all this & running in the System Measurement & everything is OK & no workbench users issue & it will say some users considered as TEST & some other users as per the license agreement,  similarly will save like in development system here save file as License< Production SID >.txt



Then run t-code SLAW in Prod system as below because now we are going to combine/merge the reports of Development & Prod in a single file,



Here we can upload the template(.xml file) given by SAP & upload all the req systems License report or here in you may just leave as it is if no new SAP system launched since last year & just make a reply mail by saying that other systems we are not using. If want to upload the .xml file then, as below Change view-> Maintain RFC Data




Then save the .xml file sent from SAPLabs to your desktop & as follows click on the open button to browse to the .xml template & click open & it will show what & all the systems are required to be measured as per SAPLabs & whatever systems License data you will not be sending to SAPLabs , you can just select the column & press the delete button as follows,


So now here your job is to combine the license reports of License< Development SID >.txt & License< Production SID >.txt. To do so, click as follows,



Then similarly,



Once both the system License file uploaded , it is showing green as below,


Remember that when you upload any1 license file also, it will show green. But as we are suppossed to send after combining all the systems report into 1 system report not to send report of individual system, so we better here should upload both the files at a time, & then press 2nd option Combined Users option button as below,


Once turned green as below, will go for the 3rd option to Consolidate data like below,


Once the job is completed here & turned green as below,



Now it is time to send SAP all the results. For that we can press here 4th option "Send Results" Button

Or in USMM t-code "Send to SAP Button" is there to send to SAP. Now say in case SAP is not getting this online transfer, we need to download in e-mail format, that is "Download in SDCC(N) format" as below & send to SAPLabs via writing a mail to SAP. For safe side we will generate both the files as shown below & send to SAPlabs via e-mail with writing reasons why the other systems or portals License reports like Un-used or Not-Available systems license reports we are not generating & sending to SAP

For online transfer to SAP we can also use the below option/process.



Thanks for the patience of watching & following to avoid any issues from SAPLabs side.

After doing all these activities & after some days, if you click as below, can see the status of this License report transfer to SAP as below,

Also in addition for safe side can call SAP License office for the report received & everything is OK mail to feel yourself safe after a few days after sending the license report mail & online transfer.

AT LAST MANY MANY THANKS FOR GOING THROUGH THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT. Hope it helps the Newbies to make their job much more easier.

I am open to suggestions & Comments. So Friends, Please fell free.

With Regards,

Kaushik Debnath

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