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As it was previously mentioned on the presentation of SAP Labs France, our Research and Development site is home for the development and implementation of SAP Solution Manager a.k.a “SOLMAN”.  There are very particular solutions that have been developed around solution manager in the later years, some of them are the Solution Manager Mobile applications; hereby the details.

SAP Solution Manager Mobile Development

Author: Olena KUSHAKOVSKA “SAP Solution Manager Mobile Development Program Lead”

SAP Solution Manager is the standard platform for a holistic Application Lifecycle Management, providing SAP functionality itself as well as integrating other tools to ensure a comprehensive approach to ALM. Additionally, SAP Solution Manager facilitates the effective collaboration between customer and SAP support organization to optimize the value of customer’s support engagement.  All SAP customers with Enterprise support engagement contract have access to mobile apps, which allow accessing some functions of SAP Solution Manager via mobile devices (iOS and Android).

SAP Labs France SAS is home to a large development team working on various SAP Solution Manager functionalities, including SAP Solution Manager mobile apps. Out of 7 SAP Solution Manager mobile apps available to SAP customers, 3 are developed in SAP Labs France SAS:

  • SAP IT Incident Management (iOS and Android version for phone and tablet)
  • SAP IT Change Approval (iOS and Android version for phone and tablet)
  • SAP Job Progress Monitor (Android version for phone and tablet)

With the SAP IT Incident Management app, employees can initiate and follow up on their incident messages (create and reply) anywhere and anytime from their phone or tablet. The app provides Bar Code scanning functionality to simplify incident message creation.

SAP IT Change Approval mobile app allows change managers to administer their requests for change (approve and reject) from their mobile device.

Both apps connect to the SAP Solution Manager application management solution.

With the SAP Job Progress Monitor mobile app for tablets and phones, business process owners can monitor the progress of job chains and view job details in real time from their devices. This app connects to the Job Scheduling Management tool within the SAP Solution Manager application management solution.

All SAP Solution Manager apps developed in SAP Labs France support SMP 3.0 (on-premise and cloud versions), Afaria onboarding, theming functionality and provide demo mode.

Check out the apps on the SAP App Store:

SAP IT Incident Management

SAP IT Change Approval

SAP Job Progress Monitor

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