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Dear All,

I would like to share one of my experience with SAP OS/DB Migration check session - Self Service using Solution Manager. As confirmed by SAP, our client's Solution Manager fulfill the requirement to generate Migration check service as Self service, I have generated service check session with SolMan system. Below are the steps followed.

1.     Pre-requisites

               - Recent EWA report for the Satellite system

2.     Update service content

               Logon to Solution Manager system and execute t-code AGS_UPDATE


          Select Register Service

          Select flag for OS/DB MIG Analysis Session (GA_MIGR & GA_MI_GP)


          Download Service Content. Wait for content to download from marketplace.


          Apply updates


3.     Create Self Service

          Execute T-code: SOLMAN_WORKCENTER

          Tab SAP Engagement and Service Delivery -> Services

          Select Create


          Activate Self-service OS/DB migration service with below steps

              Reference SAP Note: 2013680 - GoingLive Analysis not listed as a Self Service in Solution Manager



          Select SAP GoingLive Check and active this option.

          Navigate to AGS_UPDATE - Register Service and place a check mark next to GA_SP & GA_SP_GP. Save your change.

          Navigate back to AGS_UPDATE and ensure you download and apply the updates. All the lights need to be green.

          Run the steps again in the Work Center and you will now have the Self Service listed



          Execute T-code: SOLMAN_WORKCENTER

          Tab SAP Engagement and Service Delivery -> Services

          Select Create




          Enter the session planned date


          Assign contacts exists in Solution Manager system





               You will get pop-up windows in which provide your last EWA report and quick prepare steps.







4. OS/DB Migration Analysis – Prepare


               Now we are able to see session created. Click on "Check in Guided procedure". Answer the questionnaire related to OS/DB migration project.



                    Select the product planned for Migration



                    Specify the source hardware


                    Specify the target hardware



                    Answer the initial questions considering future requirement



                    Specify the other systems involved in the current landscape


                    Enter the technical data of system landscape


                    Specify the project schedule dates





                    Finish prepare session


If any correction required in any of the above details, goto initial screen of prepare phase and review and correct the information prior to report planned date.

Rest of the steps follows similar to EWA report generation. Migration check report will be sent from Solution Manager to the recipients mentioned in the procedure.

Same like Prepare phase follow the steps for Go-live report after migration of Production system

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