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Are you in the verge of preparation phase of a Solution Manager Implementation Project? Of course, EWA is an indispensable asset which cannot be neglected. Wondering which all products and components falls under EWA activation category?

Here, I have jotted down a list of Products which are feasible to be monitored via EWA reporting.Also quoted the essential Notes, enhancement wiki and common Query; insights to support you through every step of your way until final activation of EWA report.


Here you go,

List of Products for which EWA is feasible.

S.No Product/Component/DB EWA Feasibility
1 PI Yes
2 SAP BO Enterprise XI 3.1 Yes
3 SAP BO BI Platform 4 (IDD) and higher Yes
4 SAP BO DataServices 4 (EIM) and higher Yes
5 SAP TREX Systems Yes
6 MS SQL Server Databases Yes
7 Databases of non-ABAP No
9 SAP BusinessObjects BI Edge Yes
10 Sybase Unwired Platform Yes
11 SAP Netweaver product with ABAP/JAVA Yes
12 SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 and the predecessor versions Yes
13 Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 and 2.2 Yes
14 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 and higher Yes
15 SAP MDM 7.1.10 and higher Yes
16 hybris Commerce Suite 5.1 and higher Yes
17 ABAP stack (include component SAP_BASIS) Yes
18 SAP R/3 ( >= R/3 3.0D) Yes
19 SAP Web dispatcher Systems NA
20 PCO systems NA
21 Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) Yes
22 DB2 for zSeries Data Sharing Yes
23 DB2 for Unix, Windows and Linux (Db partitioning feature only) Yes


Hope now you have a fair idea to define the scope of your project, in EWA space as per the segregated table. Indeed, we have just scratched the surface regards to EWA scoping. For insights on the granular versions, per-requisites and supporting documents please check the below referenced SAP Notes and Wiki. Cheers!




SAP Note 1257308

How to enable Business Key Figures (BKF) for EarlyWatch Alert Report (EWA) - Guided Answer 2609795

For ABAP systems, the EWA can be processed at SAP without a customer Solution Manager.  Refer to SAP Note 207223.

Requirements for generating the EWA Report:

Known issues with Early watch Alert:
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