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Hi All,

We were facing the below error in one of our standard IFlow Configuration i.e. Cost Center Replication. Request Payload: Either the OData metadata content available in the server is outdated or the request payload seems to be incorrect = https://<Base_URL>.com/odata/v2 with error => The XML is malformed

It may occurs because of the below two reasons:

  1. Configuration Issue.

  2. Structure is not compatible.

let me explain you in brief that what you need to remember to avoid this error.

  1. Configuration Issue.

In Receiver side, Address parameter is recommended to configure only with base URL , rather than a complete path till https//<Base_URL>/odata/v2. because it will take by default Odata API,so we do not need to configure whole path.



2) Structure is not compatible.

In Cost Center Replication, flow is starting from ECC end, if ECC-Cloud Platform Integration-Success factor connections are successful, SAP Cloud Platform Integration will receive Outbound XML files and InBound XML files.

You have to match manually the structure of XML after modification in Cloud Platform Integration.

PFB the XML for example :




    <startDate>Demo Date</startDate>




    <endDate>Demo Date</endDate>






Match this XML with your Success Factor-Cost Center Replication Structure.

Navigate->Logon to Success Factor-> Search-> Odata Data Dictionary-> FOCostCenter.

Make sure all fields are visible in your success factor end, if not ask Employee Central team to add the missing fields which is coming from ECC .

Example: description_defaultValue is coming from ECC end but it is not visible in Success Factor.

Hope it will help.



Pravesh Shukla
Thank You Pravesh,
I stumbled upon an exactly similar issue and your post helped me in fixing it.
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Its my pleasure Nagesh.

Active Contributor
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Hi Pravesh,

I am trying to post (UPSERT) cost centers to SAP using SAP PO.


In the standard SFSF ODATA adapter, the ODATA URL suffix is mandatory so I cannot avoid entering the version there which I have entered as /odata/v2.

I have checked under the dictionary and all fields exists in SF which are in request payload.


Payload is simple:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<FOCostCenter><FOCostCenter><externalCode>101000</externalCode><start_date>2018-07-01T00:00:00</start_date><costcenterExternalObjectID>101000</costcenterExternalObjectID><end_date>9999-12-31T00:00:00</end_date><name>MAYOR AND COUNCIL</name><status>A</status></FOCostCenter></FOCostCenter>

Sine start_date is datetime field, I have entered as YYYY-MM-ddT00:00:00 which seems to be the datetime format as per my information.


Its giving the error The XML is malformed

Any suggestions here please ?




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