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Dear Readers,

This blog Talks about integration of SAP C4C with Cloud Foundry (CF) using SSL certificate-based authentication.

Generally, the integration involves multiple Iflow's and communication arrangements, however for this blog we will consider an example involving simple BP replication. Similar to this, other Iflows can be configured.

Below are the steps needed to be followed.

  1. Create Communication system for integration and provide the Host Url (CF url)

  2. Upload the trust certificate from Cloud Foundry in C4C by following the path "Administrator--> Common Task--> Edit Certificate Trust List

  3. Create Communication arrangement for BP replication using Business Partner Replication to SAP Business Suite Communication scenario.

  4. From the Technical Data Tab for inbound communication create a Key pair certificate and upload the same in CF.

  5. Whereas for Outbound communication, download the certificate from outbound communication.

  6. In order to upload it in CF In CF only PEM-encoded X.509 certificates are accepted, hence we need to convert the downloaded certificate into this format. To do so follow the steps as below.

  7. Once completing he above steps, test the connectivity by triggering sample data.

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