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Hi All,

Recently, I got a chance to work on a project which involved SAP BW 7.4 SP5.

The latest SP5 of SAP BW 7.4 powered by HANA comes up with a lot of new and enhanced features.

I have tried to explore the so called new features and has taken the help of HELP.SAP wherever required.

This is the Second in the 4 part series of documents which will take you through the various new features.

Part 1 of the series can be found in the link :

Part 3 of the series can be found in the link :

Part 4 of the series can be found in the link :

7)  The Maximum length for Characteristic Infobject (Data type – CHAR) has been increased to 250.

😎  The Maximum length for Characteristic Infobject (Data type – NUMC) has been increased to 69.


9)  New Options(Stock Coverage) available in Key Figure Definition.


10) Now we have options to import the HANA models to BW.

      a) Create a Virtual Provider based on a SAP HANA Model.


      b)  Provide the Package and HANA Information model details:


  Please find the SAP link which shows the above scenario in detail:; QuickLink=index&overridelayout=true&58600533823554

11) Some new options available in Find Screen.


12)  New House Keeping tasks added under Administration tab:


Housekeeping for Requests (New) (Extracted from Help.Sap)

The new monitor allows you to monitor the number of requests contained in data targets of loading processes. Using the monitor, you can run housekeeping activities, which improve the performance for any actions carried out on requests and which make it possible to load significantly more requests into a data target than before.

In the Administration view of the Data Warehousing Workbench, go to  Housekeeping Tasks  Request Housekeeping (transaction RSREQREDUCE). Here you can open a monitor that provides you with an overview of the selected data targets. The overview contains data targets, which are critical with regards to the number of contained requests or how the number of requests develops.

If data targets contain a performance-critical number of requests, you can run housekeeping activities for these data targets in the monitor. Depending on the data target in question, you can delete requests, reduce the list of requests in the data target, and perform prerequisite actions for deleting or reducing requests. You can schedule and monitor these activities as periodic jobs.

13)  Some Standard formatting has been done in many areas:(Like First letter capital - see: Data Element in 1st Case,

Completed words - see: Field Definition in 2nd case)

Case 1:

                              Old Version:


                                    New Version                                                   

Case 2:


                              Old Version                                                              New Version

14)  Standard DSO's have a new additional setting:(External SAP HANA View)   


15)  New Options and Changes in the create DSO Screen.


16)  New Processing Mode in Transformation screen:

With execution in the SAP HANA database, you can obtain better performance when processing the transformation of the data transfer process.


  17)  Changes in RSDDB Screen.

Query as Infoprovider option has been explianed in detail here:

18)  New ODP(Operational Data Provisioning)  source systems:   


        Transferring Data Using Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) (Extracted from Help.Sap)

Using the ODP data replication interface, developers can transfer data from specific SAP repositories (especially from SAP HANA and SAP Business ByDesign) to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

Please find the SAP Link:

        The following changes and enhancements have been introduced for transferring data via ODP source systems: (Extracted from

        New Process for Creating ODP Source Systems:

  • A folder is now displayed for each ODP context in the source system tree. Source systems for source ODP context are grouped in the relevant folder.
  • You can define whether or not a hierarchical grouping of data sources in the source should be added to the DataSource tree.
  • You can specify a background user for the source system. This is needed in order to check whether the BW system in the source is a unique subscriber. The reason for running this check is that the BW system that is not a unique subscriber for the source system can cause problems when source is copied.

        Data provisioning using operational data provisioning as an alternative to previous provisioning of DataSources from SAP source systems (using the

        service API) offers you the following advantages:

  • Communication between source and BW system and data transfer configuration are significantly simplified. Communication using synchronous RFC, ALE/IDocs is skipped and data transfer is not controlled using the qRFC outbound queue.
  • The operational data provisioning framework with the new (operational) delta queues takes over tasks and services that were previously covered by the Persistent Staging Area (PSA). The data transfer process (DTP) in particular can fetch data directly from the (operational) delta queues. This makes InfoPackages and loading using the PSA optional. PSA monitoring is triggered in this case by the delta queue monitor (transaction ODQMON).
  • Delta data of the application can be retained for a definable time period in the (operational) delta queue. The data can also be requested again during this time period by the DTP.
  • The operational data provisioning framework uses a standardized technology for different consumers of the source data (for example, BW and SAP Data Services).

19)  New Authorization Objects in class RS(extracted from Help.Sap)

  • S_RS_HCPR SAP HANA Composite Provider authorizations
  • RSHAAP authorizations for the SAP HANA analysis process
  • RSHAOT authorizations for SAP HANA analysis elements
  • S_RS_ODSV Open ODS view
  • S_RS_ODSP_H ODP: extraction from SAP HANA

Hope you got a glimpse of some of the new features that has come  in BW7.4.



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good work thanks for sharing



Former Member
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Seems like lot of new features have come up in BW 7.4.

\anyway, thanks for sharing the wonderful document.



Former Member
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Thanks for taking us through an overview of 7.4 features..

Waiting for Part3...



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Great, Thanks a lot for sharing :smile: .

Best Regards,


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Thanks for Sharing Information and it is very help full to track all thins in single Tcode (RSA1).

We are also having same version Where in the administration we are not seeing any House keeping Activities.Do we need to apply any note for this.



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Me too continuing my thanks here.. :lol: :lol: . Excellent write up..

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Thanks - Great Blog - Rama :smile:

Former Member
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Hi Jogan,

We have the same issue. Did you overcome this? (we are in 7.4 sp6)

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Very good blog!

In 7.4 sp 6 when we try to create a new DSO we get the old screen and don't have the option to create it above HANA model as you shoed in your document. Is there special note to apply for this?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi prabhith

Point 15 should be removed, as the field based DSO-s will not be delivered, instad the Advanced DSO will be delivered.

Delivery of the advanced DataStore object is scheduled for SAP BW Support

Package 8 on HANA, which should incorporates the functions of the field based DSO-s.



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Dear prabhith,

Excellent work ..  

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Hi, do you have some more information regarding the new flag for DSO "External SAP HANA View" ?


Walter Oliveira

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Very nice blog. Thanka for sharing :smile:



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Hi Walter,

This is option is used at object level in BW to consume easily in HANA Studio.Please see below link for details.



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