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This was from a great webcast earlier this month with andreas.tenholte and simon.kranig

Special thanks to ASUG / SAP point of contact ingo.hilgefort for setting this up.


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Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 2: Source: SAP
Agenda is above
New content is available
What is planned for upcoming year

Figure 3: Source: SAP
Data warehouses bring content from various sources
SAP data sources; use it as a template content or use directly
Main focus in BW/4HANA content was to focus on HANA capabilities that came with BW/4HANA

Figure 4: Source: SAP
Application components covered by BW/4HANA content are shown above
Predefined data models, based on SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA and now SuccessFactors
11K prebuilt objects includes - info objects, queries, info providers

Finance, controlling, supply chain management
General ledger has a financial statement
Supply chain management covers inventory management
Sales & Distribution - data models based on SAP ABAP data sources (ECC/S/4HANA) and also the CDS view based extractors

Utilities industry is covered

Figure 5: Source: SAP
See different disciplines on left side - Finance, Supply chain, Utilities, HCM
For most of data models provides, can be extracted and loaded via SAP ABAP data sources, and S/4HANA data source

Grey spot - Plant Maintenance - cannot use old ABAP data sources for S/4HANA on premise, use CDS extractors

CDS view is new extraction, some areas - SD has
Other areas are under construction; working on data model for Finance

Last column is for SuccessFactors, using OData API

Look at 2 notes at the bottom
Data sources listed here

"* Full list of ABAP DataSources whitelisted for SAP S/4HANA in SAP Note 2500202
** List of CDS Views for extraction available in SAP S/4HANA CE can be listed via the View Browser (View Blog Post)" Source: SAP

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Look at lists for metrics, and queries provided by content
Screen shots, sorted by component
Columns show when content was delivered
See SAP Note 2785514

Figure 7: Source: SAP
Differences -
SuccessFactors content is only available for BW/4HANA 2.0 sp01 CUSTOMERS

Figure 8: Source: SAP
2 Add-ons - you decide which to deploy
BW4CONTB - covers info objects, then you build your own models

BW4CONT - get SAP infosources, transformations, infoobjects for models delivered
quarterly delivery cycle

Figure 9: Source: SAP
3 scenarios, expected usage

Scenario A - just use data sources; rest you build yourself; enable data sources for ODP's by implementing note

Scenario B - basis add-on, use as-is or as a template, then build model yourself

Scenario C - full package

Figure 10: Source: SAP

Key design principles are shown above

Objectives, virtualize data mart layer; don't persist key figures any longer, skip unnecessary persistencies

BW/4HANA can provide one data store object with detail level; don't need aggregation any longer

Take care of navigation characteristics of time characteristics - only store 0CALDAY, rest get virtualized (0CALYEAR)

Transitive attributes in SuccessFactors

Better data load performance - push down to transformations; not using routines

Better report performance - filtering selections to reduce result set

More flexibility in reporting with virtualization

Added field based staging - same structure as data source

Provide good documentation, including data flows

Figure 11: Source: SAP
Use of variables, make it easier for you to identify variable, use naming concept, what type it is
See Note for full list

Figure 12: Source: SAP
Navigation attributes of 0DATE info object

Figure 13: Source: SAP
Data flows are delivered, which shows how the content exists, and the transformations between and use this to activate the content

Figure 14: Source: SAP
New in SP04, can use these data flows to generate process chains (wow)

Figure 15: Source: SAP
Will main way of extracting out of S/4HANA Cloud (1905)
Will end up in on premise release (1909)

Two deltas (timestamp, same as before) and change data capture (new)

Broad structure, denormalized header/line for SD billing, can use in BW right away

"CDS Extraction blog available: Overview in Part I, Delta Handling in Part II
and Miscellaneous Topics in Part III" Source: SAP

Figure 16: Source: SAP
Broad data source, based on change data capture mechanism, don't need to fill set up tables, can start extracting right away

"For additional information about SAP BW/4HANA Content for SD Sales and SD- Billing (SAP S/4HANA Cloud extraction) see SAP Note 2832702 and 2796370" source: SAP

Figure 17: Source: SAP
Left see new data sources, feeding DSO, see dates delivered and which SP

Figure 18: Source: SAP
For Plant Maintenance, CDS views have same structure as other extractors

Figure 19: Source: SAP
For SuccessFactors, Workforce Management, 50-60 info objects for key master data - employment history; info objects are time dependent

Reporting -some composite providers for headcount reporting

Figure 20: Source: SAP
Uses oData API
Uses Field based DSO's

Figure 21: Source: SAP
OData API's for SuccessFactors
See SAP Note, provides steps

Figure 22: Source: SAP
Road map (subject to change)

Planned innovations - content for FI, starting with master data, eventually general ledger, accounts payable/receivable(based on core data service, S/4HANA)

Extensions for plant maintenance

Funds Management retraction for budgets

Future content packages - SAP Cloud for Customer, production planning content, SD - CDS extraction

Procurement - purchase orders

Future direction - content for cloud solutions


Full list of ABAP DataSources whitelisted for SAP S/4HANA in SAP Note 2500202

Legal disclaimer applies:

Source: SAP

Q: install BIContent for BW/4 to S/4?
A: Not supported
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