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In this example, we are trying to establish the transport route for the application content type using the build work zone.

In this case we will have Dev, Test, Prod and CTMS subaccounts.

Below will the be structure of the transport setup



Step 1: Create the directories Dev, QA, Prod and CTMS.

Step 2: In the Dev, QA, Prod create the subscription and instance of the SAP Build Work Zone standard Edition.


Step 3: Create service keys for the build Workzone instance in Dev, QA, Prod instances


Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 in QA and Prod Subaccounts.

Step 5: in CTMS directory subscribe to the SAP Cloud Transport Management Service.


Step 6: In CTMS directory create an instance of the CTMS with the service key.


Step 7: Copy the service key details, and create a destination in the dev, qa, prod subaccounts, Navigate to the destinations and click on the create destination option and provide the below details

Name : ctms_destination

Description : destination to ctms

URL : copy the URL from the service key of the ctms - uri from the service key

Authentication type: OAuth2ClientCredentials

Client ID: Copy from the service key of the ctms

Client secret: Copy from the service key of the ctms

Token service url: copy from the service key and append /oauth/token

Additional properties : node-name : PORTAL_DEV/PORTAL_QA/PORTAL_PROD


 Step 8: in CTMS create destination for Dev, QA, Prod Subaccounts. Copy the service key details of the each of the Build work zone instance and provide the details as below



URL: portalservice(from servicekey)+ /cdm_import_service

Client ID:

Client Secret:

Token Service url:



In CTMS,you should have destinations to the Dev, QA, Prod as below


Step 9: Now , navigate the global account ==> Boosters ==> select Configure Access to the Authorization Service ==> create the destination for each subaccount Dev, Qa, Prod,ctms which will be like below

Step 10: Login to the CTMS application and create the nodes as below - the transport node name should match with the node-name of each the destination created in dev, qa, prod subaccounts

dev node.png


Step 11: Create the transport routes from Dev ==> Qa and Qa ==> Prod

Route will look as below:
ctmsroute1.pngIn this way , we can setup the transport route for the SAP BTP Build Work Zone using the CTMS.


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