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Hello SAC, OneStream, and Google BigQuery curious,

in this blog we are going to run down the architecture of today's big planning and analytics market players: SAP Analytics Cloud, OneStream, and Google BigQuery.

This is Filippo, I am working for more than 15 years in the Financial Planning and Analytics universe, both with Functional-Business, Developer, and Application hats.

I would like to share with you the main architecture design for SAP Analytics Cloud, OneStream, and Google BigQuery.

Let's start with SAP Analytics Cloud:

SAC is running as an application on HANA 2.0.x tenants, on hyper scalers.

It can be either deployed as public  (sharing underlying HANA tenant) or private: in this last case, SAC will have a whole HANA system for itself.


Fig 1. From, link in Bibliography


HANA lives on VMs on any chosen hyper-scaler, SAC lives on HANA

SAC doesn’t call any hyper-scaler services as it resides on a HANA tenant.



Now let's look into the OneStream architecture:

Fig 2. From, link in Bibliography


this is a classic architecture, with OneStream XF Framework helping the Application Server to fulfill all the requests.

Going to the application level details, we can see:

Fig 3. From, link in Bibliography


Here, the Web Server Set calls different General Access and Queue Requests.

At the far end of the stack, SQL server instances are used both for Framework and Application.



Finally, this is the Google BigQuery Architecture:

Fig 4. From, link in Bibliography


BigQuery is leveraging BORG (the Google Orchestrator):

Fig 5. From, link in Bibliography

This is a Cloud Native Architecture, with Storage and Compute functions decoupled from servers.


Hope this architecture rundown has been useful for your business.


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See you soon on







SAP Analytics Cloud

One Stream



Awesome blog, Thank you Filippo!

What about the Redshift from AWS ?

It would be very interesting to compare and contrast between RedShift, BigQuery and SAC to the extent of finding its own boundaries.

OneStream architecture is old school Service Oriented architecture.

This is question around setting up Highly Scalable Distributed architecture with unbelievable amount of volume spike to almost to bring the server max out scenario.

can SAC handle this kind of scenario ?

where does the customer draws a line to choose between the SAC vs BigQuery Vs RedShift ?


Thank you,

Vijay Ramachandran.
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Thank you for your comments and for your questions Vijay.

SAC is running on top of HANA. In the case of live connections. HANA can handle huge volume spikes, I did some impressive performance tests with IoT sending data to HANA.

OneStream was born as a planning and consolidation tool, it has a classic architecture and embeds a financial state-of-the-art framework to handle financial planning and consolidation business needs.


Should be great to compare HANA, BigQuery, and RedShift from a pure performance perspective, I never worked on RedShift but I was a Microsoft technologies developer.
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