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SAP system landscape is defined as an layout of SAP servers. Basically SAP environment consist a three-system landscape paradigm. A system landscape consists of Development Server (DEV), Quality Assurance server (QAS) and Production Server (PROD)
Over time, you begin to understand that for experiments you need another independenty system - Sandbox (SAND).
Sandbox system gives a lot of freedom to all SAP consultants. Let's start create sandbox system via Homogenous System Copy (SAP HANA-specific: Backup/Restore)




  • At maintenance window stop all background jobs in your production system (ABAP report - BTCTRNS1)

  • Backup of your production system

  • Start all background jobs in your production system (ABAP report - BTCTRNS2)

  • Install new, clear SAP S4/HANA on sandbox host (call this point as the STEP1)

  • Installed S4/HANA must be in running state



Start two SSH sessions to your sandbox system host. In  SSH Session #1 start SWPM from root user

N.B. For example  /distr/SWPM/sapinst

Open your browser and enter URL address to access the SAP Installation Web Interface

Path to "Refresh or Move Database Instance" menu item in SWPM here.

Existing profile detected - its OK.

Useful tip - at this point Master password of your SandBox = Master password of your Production System

sidadm user from the sandbox host from the STEP1

Homogenous System Copy (SAP HANA-specific: Backup/Restore)

Credentials for HANA DB tenant from  the STEP1

Credentials for SystemDB and SYSYEM (HANA DB super user) from the STEP1

Package Path

Some warnings (can be skipped)

Credentials for sidadm OS user for HANA DB from the STEP1

Mount and specify path to backup of production system

Specify DDIC user credentials from 000 client of your production system

In the SSH Session #2 stop sandbox application server (stopsap R3) from sidadm OS-user


Starting database revovery for tenant from the STEP1 

All Done!

Post installation steps for sandbox system



0. Consistency check in SICK transaction


1.Change name and open the Sandbox system for changes in SCC4/SE03 transactions




2. Remove RFC connections in SM59 (Except OSS-connections: SDCC_OSS, SAPOSS and for example connection to ADS-server)



3. Post-Installation Actions for Transport Organizer in SE06 transaction




4.Setup TMS-system in STMS transaction

N.B. All action in this step must be completed in 000 client

Include System In Transport Domain

Set Password for User TMSADM

At this point TMSADM user from your Transport Domain system (generally - Master Password)


For removing "The transport route configuration is inconsistent" warning made Adjust with Conntroller action from main menu


Approach where SandBox and QAS systems in one target group



5. Change image into main menu in SMW0/SM30 transactions


6.Change Login Screen Info in SE61 transaction


7.Maintain license in SLICENSE transaction



8. Maintain active profile and profile parameters in RZ10 transaction


9.All steps done. Its time to first Ad-Hoc backup




SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided
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