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Welcome to SAM4U!

First presented at the SAP Sapphire event in Orlando on June 4, 2024, SAM4U is one of the most promising solutions to empower SAP customers with valuable insights into their SAP license adoption experience.

Step into the world of SAP license adoption clarity for your SAP Users, Engines, and HANA EE license entitlements. With an intuitive user experience and well-organized views of your license inventory, SAM4U visualizes data from your SAP backend systems, allowing you to see:

  • Manual SAP Users’ Classification: View how you have classified users in SU01 or USMM transactions.
  • Authorization-Based SAP Users’ Classification: A STAR service analysis picture, fully under your control, illustrating potential usage of your SAP backend system.
  • Active Usage-Based SAP Users’ Classification: See the real footprint that SAP users leave in the system, representing actual usage of the SAP backend system. This dynamic data becomes more reliable the longer you gather it.

"A little less conversation, a little more action." Here is a main dashboard of the SAM4U tool:


Pic. 01.SAM4U Dashboard

More information about the tricks and features of SAM4U will be posted in the upcoming blogs of this series. Today’s goal is "Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times." You can view the official SAM4U on our website: Skybuffer.

It's also possible to get a hosted private system with the SAM4U tool within minutes. Simply talk to the assistant on our website, powered by SAP Business AI technologies, and your request will be quickly addressed and fulfilled.

Follow our series of posts to learn more about how SAM4U helps automate and integrate systems measurement processes, reducing manual effort while empowering you with traceability, control, and visibility.

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