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In a groundbreaking announcement at SAP TechEd, SAP unveiled its integration of Generative AI Hub, SAP AI Core, and SAP AI Launchpad into SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This marks a new era of flexibility and choice in business technology, allowing businesses to leverage any Large Language Model (LLM), open-source from hugging face or proprietary like openAI, within the versatile ecosystem of SAP BTP.

SAP BTP - The Pinnacle of Flexibility

SAP BTP has consistently been at the forefront of offering choices tailored to developers' preferences. Whether it's Java or Node.js as Language, Kyma or Cloud Foundry as runtime, AWS, Azure, or GCP as Hyperscaler, SAP BTP stands out for its commitment to developer freedom in choosing technologies.

Integrating LLMs with SAP BTP - A Game Changer

The integration of Generative AI Hub makes SAP BTP a leader in flexibility and choice for LLMs. Developers can now choose from open-source models like Alpaca or LLAMA2 or opt for proprietary models like those from OpenAI(ChatGPT). This integration facilitates a seamless experience, extending the platform's capability for AI-driven solutions.

The Rise of Agnostic LLM Integration

This move is about embracing the future of AI in business solutions. The ability to select from various LLMs, akin to choosing a database, opens new possibilities in AI-driven applications, data analysis, and customer engagement.

Real-World Implications and Possibilities

Envision developing customer service applications on SAP BTP using LLMs for natural language understanding, or enhancing data analytics with AI-driven insights. The integration of LLMs within SAP BTP democratizes access to advanced AI technologies, unlocking innovative potential.

Joule - Enhancing SAP BTP with Advanced AI Capabilities

The introduction of Joule, SAP’s generative AI assistant, further enhances SAP BTP's AI-driven capabilities. Embedded across SAP’s cloud enterprise portfolio, Joule delivers proactive and contextualized insights, transforming complex data analysis and operational tasks into intuitive actions. This integration exemplifies SAP BTP's commitment to providing diverse and powerful tools, enabling users to leverage AI for actionable business insights.


SAP BTP's integration of Generative AI Hub, coupled with the versatility of Joule, marks a significant advancement in business technology solutions. This integration exemplifies SAP's vision of offering a platform that combines flexibility with cutting-edge AI capabilities, paving the way for innovative and personalized business solutions.

Call to Action:

Explore the boundless possibilities that SAP BTP offers with its LLM agnosticism and Joule integration. I welcome your thoughts and inquiries on this significant progress. Let’s engage in a discussion on how these technologies can be collaboratively utilized to develop innovative and transformative solutions.

As we embrace these exciting developments in SAP BTP, I recognize the burgeoning curiosity about the intricacies of LLMs. If you're interested in delving deeper into understanding LLMs, their training and retraining processes, the innovative concept of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), or how to effectively utilize Vector databases to leverage any LLM for optimal results, I'm here to guide you. Let me know if you would like me to explore these topics in upcoming blog posts. Your interest and requests will shape our journey into the fascinating world of LLMs.

Link to main blog where small POC is implemented -

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