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Hello Folks

Many a times we might have encountered error such as cannot deploy the .sda file as it is empty ; however, the .sda might not be empty if you see it on the local drive, but the the Language="default" directive in the xml files make the deploy fail - As in the below screenshot.



This happens as the languagecode is set as "default" in the associated files; to overcome this we will have to change the languagecode to "EN" in the following files of the ws folder.


  1. Filename :

  2. Filename :

  3. TripApproval.aliasset

  4. TripApprovalRuleSet.aliasset


rules_exp is your DC;

TripApprovalRuleSet is your Ruleset

TripApproval is your ruleflow / Decision table






The Deploy will run successfully after this change is made.





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