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Recently I was designing the new report in CRVS2010 with graphs & images; I encountered the issue where I could see the Red X on crystal reports instead of images & graphs.

I checked the Web.Config for the correct versions of assemblies. I also checked the references added in my project but never found the reason. So I decided to search the forum post & developer’s guide for the same.

While checking few forum posts I came to know about the mistakes & the ways to rectify it. I also learnt that Crystal Reports .NET SDK makes use of httpHandler to manage images/logos/graphs in a report. This setting configures the ASP.NET worker process to redirect requests made to CrystalImageHandler.aspx to an internal only image handler class (CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalImageHanlder). If we do not have the CrystalImageHandler setting in Web.Config file, the images on reports will not display.

Note: There is no physical file called CrystalImageHandler.aspx.

In the custom website ‘crystalreportviewers’ folder is not set to application. In this scenario ‘crystalreportviewers’ virtual directory will not be able to run CrystalImageHnadler.aspx. So go to the IIS, expand the custom website & change the Virtual Directory for ‘crystalreportviewers’ into an Application.

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