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वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” – World is one family

Women are powerful, graceful and caring; adversely affected by climate change and are seldom included in relevant decision-making processes to identify and implement solutions.

Education is the continuous key process for the upbringing of humans. Education is one such power that has the capacity to change the world, through it we understand the problems and solve them. Women education has been a challenge in many regions of the world since decades.

I chose this topic because I strongly believe in the generative and potential power in women. We have the mindset and the strength to change it all. Women have contributed in all the sectors ranging from science and economy to politics and psychology.

There are some companies which have taken the initiative on making decisions based on their effect on the nature. The top countries with high sustainability score have a huge proportion of women in their top management, this can be seen from the below charts. The generative psychology of women inclines them towards the sustainable development of whatever tasks she takes in.


I believe that these companies have moved towards sustainability has a great deal of relation with the females being involved in the company’s decision-making roles. I combined the data from top sustainable company list and read the reports of the above companies to derive the proportion of the female employees in top management of the companies.


Source: “Corporate Knights”


From the sustainability score report of “Corporate Knights” and my research of the top sustainable companies’ female employee’s a high correlation can be seen.

Charity starts at home. The relation between climate change action and women is not just at the corporate level, when a woman knows about the global scenario she starts the contribution from home. Simple practices like switching off the appliances when not in use, switching to renewable sources when possible, teaching family and the society about waste management and many more matters a lot. When everyone is cautious about their practices from individual level these efforts add up and present a moving result.


1.1 Education Attainment:

The development of any place depends om the entire population being equally educated.  The following map shows the rank of the countries with respect to the relative gap between the education of women and men. Lower the difference better the rank.




1.2 Political Empowerment:

The full and equitable participation of women in public life is essential to building and sustaining strong, vibrant democracy. Women's participation in politics results in tangible gains for democracy, including greater responsiveness to citizen needs, increased co-operation across party and ethnic lines, and a more sustainable future. The following map shows the ranking of countries with respective to the relative gap between the political participation of women and men. More the female involvement vetter the ranking.


From 1.1 and 1.2 it is seen that the countries with higher rank for female education have higher rank for female participation in politics, this is a very important attribute to consider. As the participation of female in politics increases a biocentric approach is seen in the policies and in a broader frame how the country runs.


Clinches and Takeaway:

The data visualized shows how women’s presence in the company increases the sustainability by many folds and hence inclusion of women into the companies is of great importance.

SAP Analytics allows me to convey my point in a very convincing way, the platform is easy to use and the Machine learning auto suggestions for the data I uploaded which helped in exploring  the options I had. It is a single step solution for all my needs.

Education and emotional attachment to the planet’s wellbeing is of utmost importance. Women are biocentric and their education will take the climate change to check. Small contributions followed over time and large range can change the world. Focusing on women education, their impact on the family’s culture will improve and provide with the required mind set for climate change at action. Small things that are taught to kids from the beginning, always stay with them, at the end children are the future and change is a mindset that can be cultivated by us, women. “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम”, world is one family, we need a society of strong biocentric people so that climate change can be tackled.




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Great and inspiring blog.   Women power!

It's a hard thing to add education to the mix.  I wonder what it would look like if it wasn't just educated women, but also women in STEM.  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)  Historically that number is lower.

Another thing that I think about as I read your blog - what about women who speak? It seems like that is a big issue too.

Lots of factors.  So beyond trying to get companies involved, somehow we have to encourage women to speak up.  I really like this book on being a disrupter.

As for climate change, I believe men can support it as well.  But this blog is about women. 🙂

Again a very nice blog.
Hello Michelle Crapo,

Thank you for reading the blog and further commenting on it.
Yes, Women are supposed to speak and women are speaking, I wrote this blog to provide visualization support to one of the factors that I think strengths our approach towards climate, there are many more I agree. Men can and have to support the cause that's why I spoke about the entire attitude of Biocentrism, which is dominant in women but prevails in men too.

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I noticed that AFTER I read some more of these blogs.  I like your idea in theory.  It's just getting our women into leadership roles that makes me pause.

Your blog covers the data you found on women.  I wonder what data you could pull about age / generations as well.  Another blog, perhaps.  Of course I always ask for more.  😉

Anyway - nice blog.  Nicely written.
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