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Note: The information provided in this blog is valid for SolMan 7.1 and 7.2.

In ChaRM and ITSM, from SolMan 7.1 SP10 onwards, we may use Mail Forms to send notification e-mails in HTML (or Plain Text) instead of using Smartforms, as we have seen in other blogs and wiki pages here in SCN. Mail Forms are easier to work with and have a better User Experience. They are much easier to edit and include document fields, and we can easily control who can create/edit them using authorizations. They can be created and searched from the Service Operations area in the Navigation bar:

dolores.correa wiki page gives more details about how to use Mail Forms in ITSM and ChaRM.

Something that may not be clear for everyone is how to transport Mail Forms from SolMan Development to Production. Mail Forms are not saved in transport orders, so they can’t be imported as other transportable objects, but they can be moved to another system. It’s not necessary to recreate all Mail Forms again in Production when preparing for Go Live.

There are 2 ways to send Mail Forms to Production. One way is using a report (ABAP program) and another way is via the Web UI.  In both ways, the transport is done via RFC connection. This great blog from John Burton explains in details the 2 ways to run this transport. He also mentions that you need to transport one Mail Form at a time.

What I miss in the blog is the info on the authorization needed and the steps to have the Web UI option available.

As both ways to transport Mail Forms need to use an RfC, you need to create or use an existing RfC connection with the proper authorizations. In order to allow the transport, the RfC user will need to have authorization object “CRM_IM_ML” with field ACTVT = ‘21’ , which represents TRANSPORT. This is the same object needed for DISPLAY (activity ‘03’) and CHANGE (activity ‘02’) Mail Forms.

The second point is related to the Web UI. As described in the blog, you can start the transport of a Mail Form from the Web UI in the Mail Form Search Screen. But maybe you opened the Search Screen and could not see any option available, any button for that as shown below.  If you see only the buttons for New and Copy, you are missing 1 or 2 steps.

First: Your user in SolMan Dev (source of the Mail Forms) also needs the TRANSPORT authorization. Otherwise the button is hidden.

Second: Transport functionality for Mail Forms in the Web UI is delivered by a CRM switch called CRM_PML_MAIL_FORM_TRANSPORT (same name of the ABAP program used to transport :smile: ). This switch is assigned to Business Function CRM_MKT_PRD - Marketing Productivity (Have you seen any mention of this business function in any SolMan blog or Documentation? I haven’t) .

So, while you don’t activate this Business Function in your SolMan system, you will not see the Transport button in the Search Screen. As you don’t need to do the transport in the Web UI, since you have the ABAP program for that, you may not need to activate this Business Function, but if you want to use it or give access to a user to do it from the Search Screen in case this person doesn’t have access to run the ABAP program, activate the Business Function.

You can also create a transaction code for the ABAP Program and include it to the user profile.

Result after I activated CRM_MKT_PRD:

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